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1947 "the masses" magazine "Zhangyu wine company" – visit Beijing, Beijing, September 19, recently in the Changyu company saw a book published in 1947 "people" magazine, published a "record" visit the Zhangyu wine company. This paper describes a line: "we arrived in Yantai the day before yesterday, the city authorities smoke help, we began to visit the famous Changyu winery. When we visited the company room, grape fermentation room, and the first distillation chamber, etc. after chemical cellar, deputy manager of the company Mr. Wang Bin? Will the company initiated and founded by history, introduced to us." Through this we can know that the first year in August 1945 after the liberation of Yantai for the first time, there are still Changyu products export, export tax reduction was fifty percent. Changyu company had 102 workers, families of more than and 600 people. "The masses" is a red second KMT-CPC cooperation during the periodical publication in the area, October 1937, in Nanjing, December 1937 in Wuhan, moved to Chongqing in October 1938, moved to Shanghai in June 1946, traveled to Hongkong in January 1947. This period "the masses" Changyu company of magazine, issue fourteenth volume ninth issue, published in thirty-six years on March 2nd (March 2, 1947), Shezhi to Xikou in Shanghai Road No. twenty-five room eleven (also "Xinhua Daily" Shanghai office). This period "the masses" is Shanghai published in the last period, published "general Chen Yi on Hao Pengju’s" conversation ", in an unprecedented victory" Jiefang District "and" commercial and industrial loans etc.. Changyu company was founded in 1892, early in the 1924 issue of the Journal of "Red Wizard" sixty-sixth series "Yantai weekly survey", there is a special "Changyu Wine Company", had Changyu vineyard, mills, oak barrels, the wine cellar and produced a brief introduction of species. "People" magazine published in 1947 the "Zhangyu wine company" visit also allotted 4 pictures, picture notes followed by "distilling machine" and "wine library pool" (placed oak cellar), "fermentation barrel", "press", vividly recorded Zhang Yu at the time, production equipment and brewing technology, is precious. Today, the "wine library pool" is still in use, this was built in twenty years Guangxu (1894), a hundred years cellar after three times of reconstruction finally completed in 1905, in 2013 was selected for the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. (Chen Yaoming)相关的主题文章: