5 brokerages in October 10th optimistic about the 6 sector of the 41 shares haole010.com

In October 10th 5 brokerages bullish 6 plates 41 shares: one hundred billion smart driving car networking soar soon recommended 11 stocks investment advice and stock recommendation: domestic car networking market has entered a period of rapid development, policies and regulations, technology upgrades, cloud networking enterprises forced traditional car prices and fast networking products installed speed. Short and medium vehicle hardware first, T-BOX, car letter entertainment terminal, CAN bus ushered in the volume and price of double upgrade, long-term car networking services for greater potential. Recommended closing people Zhitong (T-BOX + data + leading operation of the layout of the car networking industry chain), Ningbo (electronic products high upgrade + layout CAN bus + data operation platform), Deren electronic (UBI + connector leading force), Wanan Technology (brake system leading supplier of magnesium material, speeding + shares (CAN shares) wildeal bus leading force Yu + bus), Chinese Bari (Automotive Technology Service + Intelligent Transportation), pay attention to soling shares, Fu communications, Asia Pacific shares, 1000, Qiming information technology. Ping An Securities computer: focus on the four main recommended 12 stocks recommended stocks recommended 1) under the mode of PPP smart city recommended ehualu, real smart, Ryan wisdom; 2) under the mode of PPP rail information recommendation, Hua Ming Yun Technology Intelligence; 3) the Internet industry and supply chain finance Shanghai Steel Union, Yin Zhijie, Han was information; 4) the high-end computing industry recommended TEAMSUN, the wave of information, with the dawn of science and technology, etc.. Sealand Securities: the key to open the era of intelligent electronic intelligent controller industry recommended 2 shares as the underlying hardware itself belongs to, and the control end of the entrance has a natural advantage, constructing basic pattern of back-end services using the data and the terminal will be the future direction of the intelligent controller industry. The controller itself does not constitute a Home Furnishing intelligent system, but apply the networking hardware logic, is the best entrance of the Internet of things, its value will be gradually extended from quantitative to qualitative change. Stock pool recommended: Thai, Netac smart. The Bohai stock market: cement demand is less than expected to recommend 2 shares investment strategy: the key recommendation of leading enterprises and Tianshan shares conch cement, weakening in the market circumstances, the conch with operation management and cost advantages, become the first half of the only profitable cement enterprises, optimistic about the sea snail strong profitability: Tianshan shares as Xinjiang’s largest cement production enterprises, covering two regions of northwest and East China, with wood and building materials to provide unlimited possibilities the integration of industrial chain extension. CIC securities power: power grid construction and adjustment of the rapid growth of power grid investment recommended 3 shares. 1~8 months, the national grid project investment 301 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 33.2%. We maintain the beginning of this year is the construction of UHV year judgment. Investment proposals to maintain this year’s re adjustment of the power sector light, the grid sector UHV comeback, optimistic about the energy storage, natural gas and UHV construction of the three directions of the target. Focus on the development of Guangzhou, Sheng shares, sun power and other related subject. New energy vehicles: new comments soon recommend 11 week, the Ministry for comments on fuel and new energy vehicle integration management, accelerate the construction of new energy vehicles subsidy after the era of long-term mechanism to promote the industry, good;相关的主题文章: