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The three best to grasp the opportunity of education, parents will let the child change – Sohu the | maternal text son many people put the education of the children is called an art, thought that as long as some parenting seminars, pay attention to methods, intimate exchanges occasionally to the heart and the heart, can achieve a multiplier effect. But I think that alone is not enough, after all, is higher than the art of life, but the reality is different people, each one. Therefore, the surface of the effective approach is not suitable for every child, more often, we have to educate their children as a practice. As Mr Jin Yong’s various martial arts, whether it is Huashan mountain with a four of innate power, or the Shaolin Temple supreme if only grasp the skills of muscle-bone strengthening exercise, but also, but no egg can not grasp every opportunity to use the. Child education is also the need to seize the best opportunity, timely guidance, can achieve an effective role. The following three best timing, parents as long as the grasp of which one or two, will make the child great changes. A. Learning and success for children, a class rank progress, a mathematics examination paper of one hundred points, the teacher praised inadvertently will let the children have confidence, I’m terrible illusion. If the parents are not clear to the children a lot of money to buy what or what to reward the child, then the child will from the heart that he is very clever, the teacher is too simple, do not listen to will, thus affecting the efficiency of listening class. When children get some small results, parents need to be encouraged, after all, people need to be sure, not to mention that this time the child’s confidence in a period of extreme high. But parents affirmed at the same time to let the children understand sage training "to win without pride and to lose with grace, which also results from". In addition to be good at using the child’s best development zone, to guide the child to be forward-looking, not rigidly adhere to the results of the present, the child can jump up to reach the goal. Two. When going out with a child to go out, if the child does not civilized or unsafe behavior, many parents will feel super awkward no face. For example, just out of children like a runaway horse, the more you chase him to run faster; the child in the supermarket on the ground, crying to buy toys, but the toys at home have been filled with storage; go to a friend’s home, let the children call a person, the small mouth stretched tightly, you had no choice but to justify "the child is timid and shy"…… In fact, the children want to be polite on the outside, allow yourself to avoid embarrassment, parents can go in, give them some guidance, for example: go out not to toys, otherwise next time do not take you out; mother to take you to a friend’s house to play, to do well, to make a good impression. Children’s performance is very strong, and extremely eager to get praise, to be good at using this lovely child psychology. After returning home, the best for children today show a summary and evaluation, the effect is striking. Three. Do something wrong when a person is wrong, the reason will continue to make mistakes, because no one is timely for their advice. For our children too, if!相关的主题文章: