The smart ring with a screen can cure your mobile phone addiction (video) 爱多vcd

The smart ring with a screen can cure your mobile phone addiction Tencent digital news (Wang Yuehan) has been done to statistics, the majority of mobile phone users every 6 minutes to see a mobile phone, which means that 150 times a day, this is not only a waste of time, and look at the mobile phone in public or social occasions, sometimes is not respect for others. The emergence of smart ring with screen can heal your mobile phone addiction Ringrevolution ring can greatly reduce the frequency of using mobile phone every day, by wearing this smart ring, the number can be reduced by about 60% on the mobile phone. It allows you to not miss any information or phone, but also to extend the standby time of the phone. This is not the first ring of similar products, but the history of the most perfect function and enable you to accept all kinds of news on mobile phone whenever and wherever possible to remind a smart ring. You may not be able to hear messages or social networking updates in a noisy environment, but with RingRevolution, you don’t have to worry anymore. It can be wirelessly connected to a mobile phone, and will never miss any messages, phone calls, alarm clocks, reminders, etc.. RingRevolution ring let you avoid through the mobile phone in the bag of distress, don’t even need to put his hand into his pocket to know if there is no new notification. Through Bluetooth wireless connections and mobile phone 4 low-power Bluetooth mobile phone, will notify the ring to remind the synchronous display on the screen. It can display incoming and outgoing calls, send reminders in the received short messages and emails, and synchronize the display from Facebook, Twitter, Whtasapp, Skype and other social software. RingRevolution ring can also remote control of mobile phone. Through the ring to realize the answer or reject a call, a key to call the default number telephone, remote control camera to take pictures, play music and change of personal information and other functions. This ring can also display the time, and can switch up to 5 time. In addition, this ring looks very attractive, not everyone love wearing a watch, but this has many cool features and the clock ring is probably a fashion choice. In addition to display the time, RingRevolution have a stopwatch and countdown function. The Lord of the rings and looking for mobile phone and ultra distance alarm function. When you forget to put the phone in the home where the use of this feature, you can quickly let the phone sound, but if the phone is in silent mode, the phone will not sound. Super distance alarm function can prevent the stolen mobile phone, mobile phone rings and once the distance beyond 100 meters, will sound a reminder ring. Design of RingRevolution ring is more like a high-tech jewelry, made use of anti allergy, surgical grade stainless steel. Both men and women, will be impressed by its simple and elegant appearance and cool features, are very suitable for any occasion. In addition to the appearance of fashion, it also has a waterproof function, can be used in almost any environment, even if the phone does not apply to the environment. As one.相关的主题文章: