Meet the Moon Palace and shrimp – Sohu beef怎么读�

Meet the Moon Palace – eating shrimp Sohu crowds in Zhongshan Road, from time to time to be tourists, experience various snacks! As a great chowhound must know, eat, in the eyes of ordinary people, is a little thing, but it is a pile of mundane, chowhound are the eyes of a big, follow me ~ Tiger City intersection, the eye is of course a very eye-catching "Moon Palace shrimp", their flagship moon shrimp, shrimp row and cheese exploding Peru squid. It is said that the first is the ancient palace, and is the main raw material for shrimp, finished products like the full moon, "Moon Palace shrimp" resulting. It must control during reducing weight, eat less fried food, but no good, eat only effort to lose weight right, well, this is a reasonable point ~ is exploding cheese shrimp row, mainly by prescription filling is shrimp and shrimp, squid kernel fresh seafood plus the boss chopped into slurry then, the lapping uniform, this will make the shrimp row more elastic, which packages full of cheese, deep fried until golden brown, with special Thai sweet chili sauce, full of fresh, unforgettable taste, bite not only can feel the outside layer of golden crisp, slowly broke thick cheese, cheese and shrimp will combine perfectly, what is love. The mountain is not high, there are Xian Zeling, food is not in appearance, delicious on the line, after the bombing, come on, try it!相关的主题文章: