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Note7 blast to Samsung beauty to other models to investigate Sohu news because Samsung Note 7 fire explosion news, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) may expand their research to the whole system model samsung. Earlier, the media had reported a boy was injured by the explosion Note 7 news, but later confirmed that the aircraft is the low-end Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. This is not the case, Galaxy S7 has repeatedly appeared to fire accidents, in addition to the previous generation flagship S6 also failed to escape the fate of the fire. CPSC said they will sort out similar reports as soon as possible in order to decide whether to expand the scope of battery research. And in response to the allegations, Samsung said in a statement on the ABC news, recently reported on other models of Samsung battery problems are untrue reports. Note 7 fire explosion is a separate incident, is entirely due to the error caused by battery manufacturers." Because the use of brothers enterprise SDI battery, Note 7 after the launch of the global explosion occurred more than a few cases, after the news exposure, Samsung official announced in September 2nd global recall. Previously, according to Samsung and the Canadian Ministry of health disclosed that the current single in the United States took place more than 70 Galaxy Note 7 battery fire incident. Affected by this, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia and other countries, the transportation sector and a number of airlines also prohibit passengers on the plane to use this phone. In September 14th, China Civil Aviation Bureau issued a safety warning, remind the passengers are not allowed on the plane to use Samsung Note 7 or charge for it, don’t put the Samsung Note 7 add checked baggage, do not allow the Samsung Note 7 as the transport of goods.相关的主题文章: