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Wang Jianlin "Wang Jianlin" activist Gao Ying court finds that the defendant Beijing public rights infringement – Wang Jianlin Gao Ying "Wang Jianlin" the court found the defendant public infringement verdict the defendant company 70 thousand yuan compensation for the Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, one called "Wang Jianlin" WeChat public number for allotment of multiple article containing exposure picture, and the title, content and style low, express, implied relationships involving articles by Wang Jianlin to court claims ten million. After two court hearing, the court found that the public number infringement, Wang Jianlin compensation for mental damages solatium $70 thousand. Send indecent article first instance alleged theft of a portrait of Wang Jianlin, in September 2nd last year, Hong Hao electronic network limited company in the name of Wang Jianlin WeChat, fraudulent use of public number registration stolen portrait of Wang Jianlin Wang Jianlin". The public number to 4 to 10 articles per day published a number of articles, some articles Title Using obscene, vulgar words to attract the reader’s eye. Wang Jianlin said, the public release text is not fit to be seen. Even more angry is that the public also used Wang Jianlin’s name to the reader to sell some successful course and information, and even recommend readers to join MLM organizations suspected network. So Wang Jianlin asked Hao Hong Kong company closed the public number, delete all the articles in the media published a statement of apology, and compensation for economic loss of 4 million 990 thousand yuan, the spirit of solatium 5 million yuan and activist expenses reasonable expenses 10 thousand yuan. The court sentenced to infringement apology money Hao Hong Kong company argued that "is not fully consistent with Wang Jianlin" three words and the name of Wang Jianlin, so for the right of name does not constitute infringement at the same time, the company also did not give Wang Jianlin caused economic losses, only agreed to apologize in court. The court of first instance, "Wang Jianlin" and Wang Jianlin is not entirely consistent, but from the evidence submitted by the plaintiff, Wang Jianlin himself to name search, a site of information displayed with Wang Jianlin "alias" or "formerly known as" Wang Jianlin ", combined with the defendant in public use of the photos of Wang Jianlin was head my photos, the court finds that the company has infringed Wang Jianlin Hao Hong Kong name right, portrait behavior. In addition, Hao Hong Kong company in Wang Jianlin is unaware of the situation, to the public, published many articles title, content and style is low, express, implied relationship related articles, and with exposure pictures, enough to cause Wang Jianlin lower social evaluation, so the court finds that the ho Hong Kong companies constitute Wang Jianlin’s reputation right infringement, the Wang Jianlin was sufficient to cause mental damage behavior. Court of first instance in conjunction with the whole case, the decision of the Hong Kong public apology, and compensation for mental damages solatium 70 thousand yuan Wang Jianlin, notary fees of $10 thousand. After the verdicts, Hao Hong Kong companies to the unclear facts and grounds of appeal. City court hearing that the court of first instance judgment is not inappropriate, should be maintained. The city court to dismiss the appeal and upheld the original ruling. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu相关的主题文章: