Shaoxing, a pharmacy owner downstairs to sell drugs upstairs to build a gun to his son to buy a gun-纪元1701

Shaoxing, a drugstore owner sells the medicine made the gun back upstairs downstairs to buy a gun loving son carpentry, obsessed with guns, the city of Shaoxing a drugstore boss to play fun, even their own story into a studio of firearms. They know that this crime is still in the online purchase of firearms rush into danger parts, assemble their own. For illegal possession of firearms Xingju, the boss also felt surprised, "when I made the gun play, playing up again instead of dove, hit, how crime?" The most unreliable is that he not only play their own guns, but also to the son of 8 years old to buy a gun for the simulation of the two, this is not to teach the next generation? Upstairs downstairs to open the drugstore drugstore owner made simulation gun is the original "firearms expert" recently, Shaoxing City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade got a clue, successfully intercepted a concealed gun accessories parcel. The address on the parcel, the recipient is in a way, he runs a pharmacy, living in a village in the city of East town. In October 20th less than 9 in the morning, the City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police came to the pharmacy, will be suspected of illegal possession of firearms and arrested a suspect. This is a four storey building, building a business with a pharmacy, a few rooms on the third floor of the two floor to out of order, almost all have been converted into a firearms studio, some of the rooms have some rooms on a pile of parts, lathe…… In the process of a home, the police have searched the room 4 from different simulation guns, there are a number of firearms accessories materials, as well as the number of Taiwan to adjust and repair the machine gun accessories. Seeing the police arrested a certain way immediately confessed their illegal possession of firearms crimes. A 37 year old, Henan Zhengzhou people, in 2004 to work in Shaoxing, 2007 opened a pharmacy in the East Town, the wife and children have received Shaoxing. "These guns and I was his collection of play, sometimes go out to play mahjong dove, never hit someone with a gun." Cheng Mou does not understand, why individual interest also becomes a crime. Self assembled firearms slowly became a circle of insiders said that he was in the Spring Festival around 2015, began to contact and like the simulation of firearms. He recalls, at that time and friends go to wild fish, to see someone with a gun to shoot birds, feel very cool, by a friend, a hooked gun, a dream to have his own gun. Back home that day, Cheng began to look around the way to buy guns. After the Spring Festival last year, a chance to see a small roadside advertising, printed with a gun sell contact. Cheng a see exultation, immediately contact the other party. For the first gun, Cheng has spent a total of more than 4000 yuan. "The whole gun can not be sent, are divided into parts shipped in batches, each payment of money, the other side will send some parts." And so on and off to buy, a process finally gathered all the parts. Cheng said that for the first time because there is no experience, the gun is a failure of the work. After assembly, he also got a special field test gun, a sparrow is not the name, the degree is very poor." However, the process of assembling firearms, but let Cheng very fascinated. In order to study the assembly process of a skill, almost all his spare time to soak in some gun fans forum, keep posting, replies to other game player for how to adjust the adjustment accuracy of the gun.相关的主题文章: