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The driver to take you to see the show [old] "what good work" the old car is still holding Sohu Dongfeng Motor blowing, drum beating, show to the WHO and who. It is a year Chengdu auto show, in order to get attention, many manufacturers in this year’s Chengdu auto show launched a new model and change models. In order to cater to the tastes of today’s consumers, models can be described as a small change in three years, a big change in the past five years. Now the majority of consumers to buy a car is the appearance of the pie, good things everyone likes, but how the individual aesthetic and aesthetic unity of the public is a difficult task, so not many classic models. The old driver back in the last century in 90s, regardless of what are called car, cross-country jeep, cars are called santana. At that time, is a popular classic car leisurely society, become a generation of memory. Today, the old driver to come to take a look at the Chengdu auto show those who work well, the classic models. Today, let us pay tribute to the classic! Volkswagen Jetta Jetta (since 1991), naturally people’s mind "is a durable" mountain model "miracle!" Is used in the Chinese market 20 years selling the best testimony. From December 1991, the first car Jetta in the Changchun line, at the end of 2011, Jetta total sales reached 2 million 200 thousand units in China. At the end of the SUZUKI Alto, Chinese Ordnance Industry Corporation from Japan’s SUZUKI Alto (1992- now) models of the related technology and production equipment, listed from 1993 to the year production, Changan Alto cumulative sales of more than 50 vehicles, a Chinese mini car legend. Audi A6 in the early 90s, Audi 100 (1988-1996) began to enter our field of vision, one was snapped up by local government departments. Audi 100 real follow-up models are later Audi A6, and now Audi A6 in China has evolved into a rich Chinese characteristics A6L. TOYOTA Land Cruiser "car to Piedmont Road, the road must be a TOYOTA car" has been popular. TOYOTA conveys his persistent spirit of enterprise with such a slogan, with the top TOYOTA SUV – Land Cruiser L80 (1989-1998) to Chinese in 1989, this advertisement has become more appropriate, is almost perfectly describes the quality of TOYOTA vehicles. MITSUBISHI Pajero Pajero (now 1982-) in large quantities to enter the China in 1989, it was first occupied China luxury SUV market. Whether or not you’re an old driver or a novice, Nissan’s Bluebird is definitely not a stranger. As the Department of Japanese cars in the first push into the Chinese market, a flagship model, the seventh generation of the blue jays (1983-2005) has been a medium-sized car (for that time) in the top three sales. The 3456 generation Honda accord (1988-2002), by 1990, the fourth generation Accord was born, development of this generation is the concept of "maximum, mechanical space space minimization". And in 1992 officially in the domestic sales,.相关的主题文章: