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Is this your pocketbook 7 vacation pay is how the financial Sohu –       the WeChat public number: CCTV Finance recently, a Beijing hospital doctor Yang said that this year she was sick, received a monthly salary to pay a single negative display. Wages on the show, the monthly salary of 4390.84 yuan, but the total amount of the project should be deducted for $4799.67. The final salary was -408.83 yuan, much lower than the minimum wage. How do you have a holiday? Leave will be deducted salary? What is the salary in the end? It’s about you and me! A sick, sick employee   or Yingongfushang stop treatment rest, the employer shall not terminate the labor contract, and give the statutory sick or disease relief work, can be lower than the local minimum wage, but not less than the minimum wage 80%. Taking Beijing as an example, according to the "Beijing wage payment regulations" provisions of article twenty-first, the employee is sick or non work related injury, while on medical leave, the employer shall according to the labor contract and collective contract paid sick leave pay. The employer shall pay no more than 80% of the minimum wage in Beijing. In other words, the wages of workers should not be less than 1720 yuan to get the hands of $80%. Two, leave the employee for personal or family reasons need to leave may apply to the employer, the employer’s approval for vacation, leave without pay, leave in days or hours as the calculating unit. Please leave the staff daily salary deduction standard is: the monthly basic salary of 21.75 days; please leave the employee per hour salary deduction standard is: monthly basic salary of 21.75 days and 8 hours. Three, according to the provisions of the "leave   workers paid annual leave regulations", workers enjoy the same during normal working wages during the annual holiday. The employer does not approve the staff leave, employees also have been recognized, can not be forcibly not approved by the staff annual leave. If after consultation with the employees, not approved by the staff annual leave, it should be in the employee for unused annual leave pay staff wages during 3 times. Four, wedding leave funeral leave refers to the laborer marriage and their immediate family members enjoy the holiday to death. The employee according to the legal age of marriage (female 20 years old, 22 year old male) married, can enjoy 3 days of marriage. In line with the later age (female 23 years old, male 25 years of age), marriage increased 7, not including statutory holidays and public holidays. Employee spouses or relatives (children, employee and spouse’s parents, grandparents, grandparents) of death, by the administrative approval of the leadership, to leave 3 days. Employees during weddings and holidays, the employer shall pay wages. Five, according to the State Council, the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the State Council on the treatment of workers to visit relatives, the provisions of the workers in the holidays and holidays to visit relatives, according to my standard wage wages. Six female workers, miscarriage, maternity leave and lactation   pregnant female workers in!相关的主题文章: