Agency said the child can help absorb the energy of the universe to open up 9 days of thinking tuiti w-inds.

Institutions can help children absorb cosmic energy development thinking for 9 days – 20 thousand tuition Beijing training institutions can help children absorb cosmic energy to develop thinking 9 days tuition twenty thousand yuan "is my mother lied to the institution, to me the words’ intelligence ‘, then let me write." Yesterday, some friends broke the news that she was the mother of a training institution to develop thinking, the staff was brought into a "energy capsule" meditation absorption of so-called cosmic energy, 9 days of tuition fees as high as twenty thousand yuan. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter to call the parents of the training institutions to consult the staff, said the energy module is based on the perspective of Pyramid, the universe can absorb the essence. The reporter visits, the other said has not started. Police said, has been involved in the investigation. The third person about the girl had been "open" wisdom "and the" intelligence "is the content of what the body is empty, let your body up to heaven. Let me write the original poem." Yesterday, a netizen in a "educational institutions" micro-blog broke the news, 9 days received twenty thousand yuan tuition, course is to enter a so-called energy class meditation, absorb cosmic energy. "Have a little girl sleeping on the floor for three days and nights without eating, drinking water is quantitative, wake up will be reborn." After the announcement of the news, micro-blog has been widespread concern. Reporter contacted yesterday broke the news of the rain, she claimed to be a third grade students, due to poor learning was sent to the mother’s education institutions. "Is my mom’s friend", but the teacher gave her "intelligence" is the "eyes listen to a recording," imagine yourself up to heaven…… Wisdom is spinning in my head." After being open wisdom, light rain was asked to write a poem, but also the teacher threat, can not write home". "Meditation also let me into a holographic energy cabin, that can absorb the essence of the universe in the inside, I refused to put me off in the classroom." In contrast, learning together "students" is very clever. "A girl of about the same age as I was sleeping in a room, said to sleep for three days. The teacher said, she can only eat an apple a day, drinking water is quantitative." Although all this let rain surprised, but her mother agreed, and has repeatedly stressed that he did not pay twenty thousand yuan tuition, "a friend of the past, no money. And I think the child is always looking for excuses, even into a tent (energy module) is not terrible ah!" Telephone counseling has been known to train 200 students according to the information provided by the rain, found the WeChat public number to the nameless learning method". The public numbers almost every day to push educational content, the end of the text with the anonymous learning method, the relevant introduction. Within 2 to 4 hours to write a poem 6-8, quickly improve the ability to write, so that children regain confidence!" But in training courses, 2 to 4 hours of training for the price of 500 yuan, two days of training for the price of 1980 yuan, a 9 day training class price is 19800 yuan, a writing class training fee is as high as 39800 yuan. Reporters on the number of parents to call the public contact, a "health相关的主题文章: