Australia claims mh370 missing cause or intentional crash for the

Australia said the reason for missing or MH370 pilots deliberately crash original title: Australia said that if in the current lock search range can not find MH370 or for reasons of missing pilots deliberately crash Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News two years ago, Malaysia MH370 flight carrying 239 people disappeared mysteriously, the search is still in progress, but still unsolved mystery, all kinds of speculation prevails. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 17th, if you can not find the aircraft in the search area is currently locked, investigators will be officially MH370 missing blame "pilot abnormal behavior, intentional crash", this statement on the flight lost contact hours had proposed. At present, at a cost of 90 million euros in a large-scale search based on the assumption that the crew and passengers do this after driving the Boeing 777 aircraft into a "ghost plane, flying on autopilot until the fuel is exhausted. The use of satellite and radar data, location is delineated in Australia west of the South India ocean waters in a plane crash, an area of about 46 thousand square miles. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has led spent nearly a year in search of the area, there are ten weeks will be the end of the investigation. If they are nothing, a formal report will overturn the assumption, and the "pilot abnormal behavior hypothesis" to explain why the failure of search. ATSB director Martin Duran on the "times" said that although it is not the time to this conclusion, but sooner or later, if the sea can not find the plane, there is another possibility. "Frankly, there is also a great possibility to control the plane glide." Du Lan said. "The final track pilot abnormal behavior" hypothesis does not change the plane, because this has been confirmed by satellite and radar data, but this means that after running out of fuel in the aircraft under the control of gliding, beyond the current search area for hundreds of miles. According to ASTB estimates, the new crash area is about 3 times than the current. Also, driving the plane is not only the captain and copilot, others may also enter the cockpit of aircraft control. (Editor: Liu Debin SN222 Xin Lian)

澳方称MH370失踪原因或为飞行员故意坠机   原标题:澳方称若在目前锁定搜索范围找不到MH370 失踪原因或为飞行员故意坠机   深圳特区报讯 两年前,载有239人的马来西亚航班MH370离奇失踪,搜寻仍在进行,但谜团始终未解,各种猜测盛行。据英国《每日邮报》2月17日报道,如果在目前锁 定的搜索范围找不到飞机,调查人员将正式将MH370失踪归咎于“飞行员行为异常,故意坠机”,这个说法在航班失联后数小时就曾提出。   目前耗资9000万欧元的大规模搜索基于一个假设,即机组人员和乘客都无计可施后,这驾波音777飞机变成了“幽灵飞机”,靠自动驾驶仪飞行直至燃料耗尽。利用卫星和雷达数据,飞机坠毁地点被圈定在澳大利亚以西的南印度洋某片海域,面积大约4.6万平方英里。   澳大利亚交通安全局(ATSB)已牵头花了近一年时间搜索这片区域,还有十周就将结束排查。如果他们仍然一无所获,正式的报告将推翻之前的假设,而采用“飞行员行为异常假设”来解释搜寻为何失败。   ATSB局长马丁・杜兰对《时代》表示,虽然现在还没到下这个结论的时候,但只是迟早的问题,如果在目前海域找不到飞机,就存在另一种可能。“坦白讲,有人控制飞机滑翔的可能性也很大。”杜兰说。   “飞行员行为异常”的假设并不改变飞机的最终航迹,因为这已为卫星和雷达数据所证实,但这意味着在燃料耗尽后飞机在控制下滑翔,超出目前搜寻区域数百英 里。据ASTB估计,新的坠机区域将比目前大约3倍。而且,驾驶飞机的也并非只有机长和副驾驶,也可能另有人进入驾驶舱操纵飞机。(信莲) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: