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British media: China or sold to Indonesia Tianlong 50 missile has completed the assessment of the Sohu military channel data figure: China Tianlong 50 air defense missile system unveiled at the Zhuhai air show. Reference News Network reported on November 4th: British media said the news that the Chinese Northern Industrial Company will soon reach an agreement with Indonesia Tianlong 50 to provide medium range ground to air missile system. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported that the northern industrial company officials held in Jakarta in November 2nd 2016 Indonesian Defense Exhibition, the state-owned company recently submitted a Tianlong missile system to the Indonesian air force program, the air force has successfully completed the assessment system on site. "We are now waiting for the official bidding process to begin," said an official at the northern industrial company." But he did not disclose the requirements of the air force. "Jane’s Defence Weekly" had previously reported that a Denon system consists of IBIS150 type 3D radar target, a fire distribution of vehicles and three to six vehicles for missile launch vehicle components. Each launch vehicle is equipped with four missiles that are ready to launch, and the missile is placed in a container with a circular cross section. In accordance with this configuration, a dragon system can attack up to 12 targets simultaneously, in a few seconds to launch all the 12 separate target missiles. The official said that the northern industrial company is seeking to provide Tianlong system, which is also competing with similar systems from unidentified companies. However, he stressed that the northern industrial company’s products have several favorable factors, the most important is the price. He said: "we believe this system is easier to operate than a competitor’s air defense system. The Dragon system does not require significant training programs. The rocket is supported by advanced active radar detectors. This greatly improves the accuracy of. In addition, Tianlong price cheaper than other 40% medium range air defense system." The official also said that the northern industrial company has been active in Indonesia for about 20 years, mainly for the Indonesian army and the Indonesian navy to provide rocket and air defense products. Northern Industrial Company believes that due to the development of Indonesia and China’s defense products trade and industrial relations have been developed, it will be provided for the Indonesian air force to provide 50 dragon system contract will greatly enhance the opportunity. Reported that, in recent years, in view of the South China Sea issue led to tensions between the two countries, the two countries to strengthen the alliance practices of particular concern. From the point of view of export and industrial cooperation, the northern industrial company has been in the forefront. In August, "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported that the northern industrial company in July to Indonesia Marines provides a set of air defense system. The system consists of four 90 twin 35 mm towed anti-aircraft gun and a AF902 mobile anti-aircraft fire control radar system and four mobile power supply unit. In addition, the northern industrial company has also recently signed a contract with the Indonesian navy, a type 730 CIWS to provide, will be installed in the Navy cruiser on pattimura. Reported that, from the industrial point of view, northern industrial company has been used with Indonesia and the German Ministry of research and technology industry reached an agreement with the level of development, and with a bazooka.相关的主题文章: