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Castle science UAV: simple UAV attitude and program realization of Sohu technology MR. castle has recently been cast manuscript, signed the contract in May and mechanical industry press still feel the deadline is out of reach, the blink of an eye is half over, life is short, early morning growth, night cut dry, as is also. Fortunately, the manuscript has been completed about 70%, but the column wrote a lot of content in the book, so I haven’t be able to update, the future will be based on the needs of the people to release some content in the column, if you have UAV content they want to know, but also did not appear in the column or Live, can also contact MR. castle, I will be in Live or the future had seriously considered friends advice and targeted to prepare. Familiar with the UAV friends will often hear attitude, these two words, the UAV engineer must think this is all too familiar, direction cosine, four yuan, may have some friends who also used the index representation method. Ok, these content is not difficult, this article will be directly related to the formula, can be used directly in the program. But the MR. Castle does not know whether you have filtered these questions: why UAV attitude description? Why are there three rotations? Why is the coupling not directly expressed by degrees of freedom? Why do you want to have 12 states (say a friend of the 15 states, linear acceleration also put in, the text will tell you that this is not necessary), the future is likely to require more state? What is the difference between these gestures? Is there any other gesture representation? What is a universal joint lock? Why can’t you lock it? Some of these questions can be answered by intuition, and some, for example, will be more in the future? Why do you choose an attitude description? The essence of the universal joint lock is explained, as well as the reasons for the inability to control it So, may be more difficult, but these are very important, when we put these theories with the UAV system linked to real, can not only lower cost, make better products, more can enrich our understanding of the UAV, the formation of technology and predict trends. Through the front of the column: The Castle School: UAV UAV navigation fun coordinates, Castle science UAV: how to deal with the GPS data acquisition of UAV state information? We know how to get the position and speed of the UAV, and convert it into the NED coordinate plane. But this is not enough to give us a comprehensive understanding of the UAV’s movement, in other words, the same position, the UAV may have different attitude. For example, a multi rotor UAV at different times through the location: P=[X, Y, Z], the first level for the flight, the latter for the vertical flight. Although the same location, but the movement is so different. At this point, we need some additional information to accurately describe the flight state of UAV, which is the content of this paper. The above is a simple example to illustrate, but not universal, the following theoretical analysis of why相关的主题文章: