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Chery new Huan "2 family" on the show in Guangzhou – Sohu in January 18th, the fourteenth Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition of import and export commodities trading in the Chinese exhibition hall opened. Chery "unlimited wonderful, leading the future" as the theme of the exhibition, to show "2 family" as the representative of the 14 models, presents a year-end feast technology, quality, brand, and brand new image of youth vigorous young, for the upcoming "20 years old". (figure for the Guangzhou auto show booth Chery site map) Hwan new "2 family" to debut the Chery automobile exhibition is located in China import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall 3.2 booth 2C01, a total area of 1225 square meters, will display "1+1+12" luxury lineup. 14 appearance models, including 1 concept cars (FV2030); the 1 paragraph is not listed models (AI Ruize 5 EV); 12 car (3 Ai Ruize, 8, Tiggo 1 new energy), including 2 3x and 3 modified version of Tiggo Tiggo 7. Chery’s new 2 product family hand in hand, is one of the highlights of the show. You can see from the participating models, Chery launched this year, Yi Ruize 5, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 3x three car full battle, can let the audience and the industry from multi angle and full understanding of the strategy of Chery 2 era product and brand power. Especially Chery Tiggo family "of new members, in November 15th just listed" 4G wit SUV "tiger 3x, brought the automatic version, manual version of the two models, Chery quality strength and brand new image of the young. With its successful listing, Chery has become one of the few companies with complete SUV product sequence. Since the second half of this year, three new products consisting of Chery’s family of 2 products, has won market recognition and consumer reputation. AI Ruize 5 listed just two months to achieve monthly sales break million, October sales hit a record high, reaching 16504; Listing 6 months of total sales exceeded 90 thousand, become in recent years from the main brand car sales growth the fastest car. In late September the newly listed Tiggo 7 has been in short supply, listed month sales exceeded 5000 units, sales in October amounted to 7138, November is expected to exceed 10 thousand units. 3x 4G in the Tiggo intelligent interconnection function accurate market positioning, strong, become one of the most competitive entry-level models SUV market. (figure for the strategic transformation of Chery "2 family" third products — Tiger 3x) forward-looking technology to explore the future way of travel has been committed to exploring the future Chery automotive technology and human travel mode, is a forward-looking technology, the field of new energy vehicles pathfinder. This auto show, Chery once again exhibited a myriad of powder Chery concept car FV2030. This debut in April this year, "Chery brand night" Chery brand vision, not only the appearance of the full sense of science fiction, is also equipped with a holographic screen real-time Internet, cool 3D fantasy effect future technology elements, vivid interpretation of the Chery automobile production in the future.相关的主题文章: