Chery Tiggo 7 global initial public new network serial rear end collision testing –

Chery Tiggo 7 global initial public "chain rear end collision test – Beijing, Beijing, October 25, October 24th, in the Chery Asia collision safety laboratory scale biggest automobile enterprises, the" global initial public safety chain rear end collision demonstration of Chery automobile to live form. Two Chery Tiggo 7 with a truck, the scene depicts the "passenger car rear end car + passenger car rear end truck" of the "three car pileup accident. Chery automobile in this special way, to show the quality safety Tiggo 7 excellent, and for a long time to create excellent quality products made unremitting efforts. Ready before the collision (view) in early July 3, 2010, Chery open laboratory collision safety demonstration is known as the "Chinese first touch" American Standard 30 car to car collision test. After a lapse of many years, Chery once again showed the usual low-key collection technology, test and verify the strength that, for the safety of users as persistent attitudes and beliefs. The expert witness in the field of national testing agencies and hundreds of media, a speed of 50 kilometers per hour (assuming at high speed, after the dangerous emergency brake, the speed reached 50 kilometers an hour the true state of the blue tiger 7) galloped away, like a bullet like front, rear end in front of the goal of "car" — a red tiger 7. In the "bullet slammed into the car", "target car" red tiger 7 to 26.2 kilometers per hour, two large truck rear end in front of the. Just a few seconds, traffic accidents in China in the highest incidence, great harm "pileup" accident in Chery collision safety laboratory reappearance. After the completion of the crash simulation, the China Automotive Technology Research Center, Institute of vehicle safety and identification technology, Chen Jiang, director of the first site on the collision analysis. The scene can be seen, after two cars and trucks Tiggo 7 "rear end chain" behind the "bullet train" before Paul Tiggo 7 mild deformation energy absorbing box collapse, fully absorb the collision energy, internal structure and other front windscreen intact; anti dive type seat and safety belt with constraint dummy forward normal balloon bounce, the dummy in the collision process of soft landing "". Caught in the middle of the goal of "two car" Tiggo 7, rear end reached a speed of 26.2 kilometers, the speed than the 2015 version China NCAP C-NCAP (15.65 km), the future will be the implementation of the 2018 edition of C-NCAP (20 km) and the current EU NCAP Euro-NCAP (24.45 km) of the rear end crash standards more stringent. It is worth noting that the speed of 26.2 kilometers per hour is not only a little bit higher than the speed of 24.45 kilometers, the energy released by the geometric growth of the series, a large gap. "The target car". A slight deformation, normal balloon burst point, effectively protect the dummy. Driving traffic accidents in the neck are often due to the huge impact resulting in "whiplash", light and easy caused by long-term headache and neck pain, severe disability or even paralysis of limbs. The tiger 7 seat headrest, backrest support design carefully,.相关的主题文章: