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  color TV market; Yan is more intimate – Spell spell appliances — original title: TV market more intimate TV market fight Yan fight into the marketing season. Newspaper reporter Luo Xiaoping photo of QUHD quantum dots surface TV into the new darling of the market. Newspaper reporter Luo Xiaoping photo – reporter Wang Peilin was the other big ass soil small head, still expensive, but now the TV market is no longer the year. Recently, the reporter visited the Hainan color TV monopoly area found that the development of the color TV industry has reached the only you can not think, do not have the realm. The big screen smart dominate the picture realistic more and more strong, the body slim, the set-top box also without additional redundant workers, even for children and the elderly tailor mode mode built-in function. Intelligent occupy the market sales penetration this year or over 80% "buy a TV set-top box network can not see the Internet, film and television, is convenient for children to play games." The day before, Haikou citizens Ms. Ding told reporters in Haikou new Southern China Gome to buy a tv. Ms. Ding had intended to buy a small TV to put the bedroom, and found that the store sold the smallest TV is 43 inches, and as long as $3000. Ding immediately decided to buy this tv. Reporters visited the stores found that smart big screen TV has almost swept the entire TV market. According to smart home network statistics, the annual production and sales volume of China’s TV to maintain at around 45 million units -5100. The smart TV sales in recent years by leaps and bounds, in 2012 sales of 8 million 500 thousand units, in 2013, 21 million 510 thousand units, in 2014, Taiwan’s 31 million 100 thousand units in 2015, sales penetration of up to 73%. Smart TV sales penetration gradually improved, sales penetration is expected to exceed 84% this year. According to industry introduction, the parameters of Hainan with the national situation almost. SKYWORTH July color TV sales report also shows that smart TV sales increased 56% over last year. At the same time, large screen TV began to dominate the market, the reporter visited Haikou major home appliance stores found that many TV shops placed in the shop for a minimum of 43 inches of the prototype, the largest market size of up to 80 inch tv. Many sales staff said that the current sales of more than 50 inches in the big more than 55 inches. According to industry statistics, at present 46 inches above the TV Chinese accounted for 60% market share, the major brands have also showed a large screen TV trick. A simple fashion surface "light" on the wall since the beginning of this year, the TV industry has gradually made new breakthroughs. Reporters in Haikou to see the brand TV stores, the body is thin, built-in HD set-top box has become a lot of brand climbing new peak". Konka TV a body is only 5.47 mm thick, simple and smooth appearance; SKYWORTH TV also has several thin to 7.5 mm, almost every brand has been thinner than 1 cm of tv. "Because the motherboard technology is getting better and better, and consumers will be more and more on the appearance of the TV set相关的主题文章: