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Comment: "super fans support", don’t be materialistic kidnapped fans for the Wang Junkai Wang Junkai birthday birthday for Wang Junkai fans should not only do all the luxury purse also dry brain cells Beijing news commentary published in September 23rd (Communication Master) pillow book for idol’s birthday, Wang Junkai fans at the trench to drop tens of millions to him packet packet packet Cruise Aircraft subway, even contracted New York Times Square giant LED screen scrolling for him, for his birthday blessing. It is not so much a grand birthday party, it is better to say that this is a contest in the capital, one at the expense of winning a lot of eyeball to get an alternative sense of self realization. "Love" is a kind of identity idol a few days ago little meat Wang Junkai birthday, fans of the "super support" caused a lot of concern. In order to give the idol’s birthday, fans at the trench hit ten million for his airplane cruise package package subway, even contracted New York Times Square giant LED screen scrolling for him, for his birthday blessing. As to the way people be struck dumb idol. How many people understand the fans economy all know, behind these price support does not exclude individual strength, but more is a kind of organized behavior. Fans gathered through social media, spontaneously formed various "aid station", Hao powder will give economic support behind, and these sub station front are responsible for a variety of things and activities. There is a clear division of functions and division of labor, has become a group of autonomous organizations. When the children stand as an idol to make a shocking event, whether it is responsible for the organization of the preceding sub station is responsible for the fans, pictures and video output fans or financial support Hao powder, even click, silently watching the "small transparent forwarding", get a sense of self realization in the collective. A circle of fans identity reached a climax, pushing more deeply this so-called "self satisfaction". In order to give Wang Junkai a birthday project as an example, their idols can surmount the times square, "with the chip to fly into space". The source of that pride has gone beyond the star itself is more popular, and these "Hao powder" "greatly" belong to a circle of identity recognition, proud of ability and achievement at the circle. Whether it is a gift or assistance, is to achieve a recognized purpose. Because of the fans who have been given a gift to wear or use. Gift giving fans will make their own micro-blog claims, while other fans also use crazy forwarding and comments expressed admiration. At this time by a large number of people admitted to the pleasure and satisfaction has been far more than the gift giving idol this thing itself. He also appeared to send tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of clothes, musical instruments, bus billboards package under these names than a big gift. "Mind" is behind the capital game and class differentiation in the seemingly equal "fans" in the relationship between the actual already standing on the inequality level, have certain skills, such as node can win — and some capital fans had to seize the right in the fighting and shouting. Fans groups have become the real world social class relations. However, fans of the cycle is that millions of small transparent.相关的主题文章: