Commission the termination of reorganization of listed companies shall not be re planning within 1 m viper12a

Commission: listed company shall not terminate the reorganization plan within 1 months of Nanfang Daily News (reporter Chen Ruoran) on the 9 day held a press conference, the Commission formally issued "on the strengthening of major asset restructuring of listed companies related to abnormal stock trading supervision Interim Regulations" and "Regulations on several major asset restructuring of listed companies the revision of the provisions", the new regulations will be the termination of a major asset restructuring process of the "cold" period, shortened from 3 months to 1 months. The provisions of the new regulations, major asset restructuring plan or draft disclosure of listed companies after a major asset restructuring process of active termination, the listed company shall, at the same time commitment from the date of announcement for at least 1 months longer planning a major asset reorganization; once again launched a major reorganization of assets for the 3 months, should start again in the restructuring plan and report in the previous focus on disclosure of the reasons for the termination of the restructuring, due to short term restructuring program started again. In addition, the revised new regulations also further clarify the relevant provisions of the transaction subject matter disclosure standards. Commission spokesman Deng Ge said that the Commission recently on the securities and futures investors appropriate management approach for public comment. It is understood that the approach clearly the classification of investors, product classification, appropriate standards and other aspects of the bottom line, the appropriateness of specific products or services should be based on the provisions of this. Specifically, in the system arrangement, the "measures" is constructed according to multi dimension index of investor classification system, clear bottom line requirements of product classification and division of responsibilities and the provisions of the institutions in the whole process of appropriate management obligations, and formulated the provisions and obligations of regulatory measures and administrative penalty with a corresponding. The Commission said that the securities and futures market is a risk of a professional market, the degree of specialization and risk appetite of investors and products to match. Therefore, in the practice of capital market development, it is necessary to pay attention to the classification management of investors, "the appropriate product sales to the appropriate investors" to prevent improper sales of products or services. In response to a reporter’s question, the Commission responded to the media for small and medium sized commercial banks recently focused on landing A shares. The continuous landing A shares of small and medium sized commercial banks tide, the Commission expressed support, and said the future will be "smooth and orderly progress of small and medium sized commercial banks listed, the launch of a mature one". On the same day, the Commission also announced the administrative punishment and shichangjinru of 2 cases, including 1 cases of intermediary illegal case, 1 cases of securities practitioners illegal stock trading case. Later that day, the Commission issued the approved 14 companies starting applications, including SSE 7 companies, the Shenzhen SME board 2 companies, the gem 5 companies, including 5 companies direct pricing issue, 14 companies raising a total of not more than 11 billion 600 million yuan is expected.相关的主题文章: