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Since the merger of COSCO shipyard Chinese subordinate third major shipbuilding enterprises or surfaced with COSCO Shipyard under Chinese third shipbuilding enterprises or surfaced COSCO and China Shipping Group, has been integrated in the container shipping, ports, oil and gas transportation and comprehensive shipping finance business section four; at present, the integration of equipment manufacturing industry in the shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment mainly has put on the agenda. In determining the reorganization after nearly a year, China ocean shipping group (hereinafter referred to as COSCO) the integration process of equipment manufacturing business in shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment mainly, by the market concerned. COSCO Shipping by China Ocean Shipping Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as COSCO Group) and China Shipping Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC Group) two central enterprises restructuring, has been listed in February this year. COSCO Shipping relies on the listed companies to plan the container shipping, port terminals, oil and gas transportation and leasing business as the core of the integrated shipping finance business integration of the four major projects. "Wall Street journal" quoted informed sources in October 6th, COSCO Group and China Shipping Group plans to start early next year, will be the 11 shipyards merged into an entity. If the shipyard is combined, the newly established enterprise will become the third largest shipbuilding entity in China; the other two largest shipbuilding companies are China State Shipbuilding Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. The merger will provide a sample of the merger plans for two of China’s largest shipyards. COSCO Group owns 6 shipyards, China Shipping Group owns 5 shipyard, COSCO Shipyard has two joint venture with Japan’s Kawasaki heavy industries was founded; however, it is unclear whether these two joint venture shipyard involving mergers. COSCO shipbuilding business including COSCO COSCO Shipyard Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCO), COSCO shipbuilding industry company (hereinafter referred to as COSCO) and China Shipping Industry Co. Ltd of China Shipping Group (hereinafter referred to as China shipping industry). These three companies mainly engaged in shipbuilding, marine engineering, repair and refit, supporting business, has a total shipbuilding capacity 11 million 550 thousand deadweight tons, repair capacity of 1500 years can be completed the delivery of ship, marine products 20. In mid August, COSCO holding industrial plate reorganization and integration site will start, the establishment of industrial sector reorganization and integration project planning work leading group and the working group; September 12th, integrated management office formally submitted to the "industrial sector business integration overall proposal", suggested that COSCO shipbuilding restructuring of the limited liability company, as the integration platform; the COSCO Group the COSCO investment holding company (Singapore), COSCO and China Shipping Group’s original equity industrial equity transferred to new COSCO shipbuilding company; at the same time, in the far new shipbuilding company will acquire China shipping industry in the Jiangsu sea Changxin, hold equity in cash. An interface news agency analysts to reporters, the formation of COSCO is the background of the international shipping market downturn, and there may be long-term downturn; the original two groups coincide in the industrial chain configuration with high degree of homogeneity phenomenon is obvious, is not conducive to the formation of force on.相关的主题文章: