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The discretion of recruitment: air purifier experience officer, give you a bath – lung Sohu of science and technology in October has passed, the cold winter is coming four. Spring pollen, summer rain, autumn haze and other wind. What is haze, what is PM2.5, what is TVOC? How important is clean air, how does it affect our life? What is the haze? Haze is the result of interaction between specific climatic conditions and human activities. The economic and social activities of high population density will emit a large amount of fine particles (2.5 PM), once the emissions exceed the capacity of the atmosphere circulation and carrying capacity, the concentration of fine particles will continue to accumulate, if by static stability weather effects, prone to a wide range of haze. As the name suggests is composed of haze haze fog and haze, then the fog is better understood, is near the ground water vapour in the air / water droplets. But the haze is not the same, but the haze in the air of dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other particles in the air is saturated in mist. What is PM2.5? So what is PM2.5? PM2.5 refers to the aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 microns in diameter, the same thing is that PM0.3 is less than 0.3 microns in diameter particles. PM2.5 is only a small part of the air, and when he does, it will affect visibility and air quality. PM2.5 small particle size, large area, strong activity, when staying in the atmosphere for too long will cause harm to people’s health. Then we can look at the recent air quality in Beijing on 2016, as shown in the air in the PM2.5 content of the map in October. First of all, all of the map is not accurate, because the PM2.5 in different places in Beijing is certainly not the same value. But we can see that in October this year, Beijing has received heavy pollution (> 200). This proves that the air quality in Beijing is indeed a problem. But PM2.5 is not the standard of air quality testing, but API (Air Pollution Index) and AQI (Air Quality Index). The new AQI including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM10, PM2.5, ozone and carbon monoxide. More than the original API increased by PM2.5, ozone and carbon monoxide. The new AQI is more frequent than the original API release, the detection of more content. What about the recent AQI situation in Beijing? Are there any similarities found in the curves of AQI and PM2.5?! The above data are obtained by the China air quality online monitoring and analysis platform What is TVOC? That all the people who have just told you that it is the outdoor air problem, we can not care about the car indoor air problems, right? First of all, we all know that there are formaldehyde, formaldehyde can have a stimulating effect, so that people are uncomfortable respiratory tract, eye irritation, allergy and trace toxins, etc.. TVOC, also known as indoor organic gaseous substances, Tot code相关的主题文章: