Due to the subway grab live three male stabbed to death by peers-seaway

Due to the subway grab live "three male" by peers stabbed to death yesterday morning, two men in the No. 1 subway line No. 4 Street station near the conflict caused by the quarrel, one was stabbed to death. "No, it’s killing me!" Yesterday morning at 9:20, "the 4 Street subway station near the B exit, came exclaimed. Two pull work, the driver of the language conflict, one knife stabbed the other side, the latter died on the spot. The deceased brother told reporters: "my brother surnamed Tong, 40 years old this year, Jinzhou Province, in 2008 came to Shenyang, he usually very good character, who never had a quarrel. Six months ago, his wife ran away from home, with their own three children is not easy. He lived on live every day to earn a hundred and eighty dollars, they are not willing to eat to the child." The deceased brother told reporters that his brother’s eldest daughter just turned 20 years old, recently went to work, the youngest daughter and son were only 15 years old, at the age of 14, are still in school. "I told my eldest daughter that her father had been killed, and the other two were at school and I didn’t have the heart to tell them." Reporters came to the scene, the ground is still clearly visible blood. Scene two parked cars, a tricycle is dead, another small car is the assailant. In the car on the deceased, the central console is also placed in a green plastic bottle with boiled water. The deceased was wearing a black jacket, blue pants, lying supine posture. The well intentioned man covered his body with his coat and canvas. At 10:35 in the morning, Mr. Tong daughter rushed to the scene, the 96144 funeral vehicle body away. According to witnesses, the two people had a heated argument, it seems that because of the looting of life". The "big guy" took out a dagger from the car, Mr. Tong’s chest stab at! Mr. Tong dodge "is directly tied to the knife on the right side position". Mr. Tong fell on his back, panting, blood gushing out from the wound, seeing not breathing". The assailant in the scene and did not leave, was rushed to the police on the spot control away from the scene. 10:50 in the morning, the police lifted the blockade, both friends and relatives, witnesses rushed to the police station to assist in the investigation.相关的主题文章: