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The electricity supplier online shopping price sensitive crowd increased nearly 70% people in the promotion order while the major electricity supplier platforms have entered the era of brand and quality, but for consumers, price is still an attractive factor. Nelson, online shoppers trend research report shows that in 2016 the proportion of price sensitive shoppers increased from 15% to 19%. Online shopping products greatly enhance the impact of shopping, from last year’s 42% jump to this year’s 61%. The latest survey shows that a variety of factors of price promotions was the 2016 Nelson Chinese electricity consumer confidence index, in 2015 the annual shopper’s personal economic status and the employment index is expected to decline slightly, at the same time, consumption has continued to rise to 48, reached a historical peak. Shoppers have a lot of desire to spend, but they will be more cautious about shopping. Online shoppers trend research report shows that in 2016 the proportion of price sensitive shoppers rose from 15% to 19%, an increase of 4 percentage points. These online shoppers are older, more than 35 years of age, education and income is low, usually the most concerned about commodity prices, the purchase of goods will usually consider the price. In addition to price sensitive shoppers, online shopping and mild type, in this type of single young population more, low income, online shopping center frequency, love online shopping promotion; rational type has higher requirements on the service and efficiency of their online shopping frequency is low, but the value of quality, income of middle-aged men more moderate; in addition to online shopping this group of dependent, impulsive shopping, online shopping frequency is high, young children have higher family income and education level are high, the pursuit of fashion and high-quality online shopping experience. Online promotion form report shows, discounts and promotions is still an effective way to attract consumers, 68% of people in the online shopping goods discount or promotion, at the same time, the major electricity supplier platform to meet the desire for low exhaust all the skills of online shopping and promotional and shopping festival in online shopping in the permeability of up to 95%. With all kinds of Shopping Festival blossom everywhere, all kinds of promotions, price war between businesses of gunpowder and more concentrated. The online supermarket as an example, Tmall supermarket subsidies of 1 billion yuan last year, this year will once again come up with 4 billion yuan of subsidies, and to the Jingdong’s 1 store also said within 3 months 1 billion yuan subsidies for consumers, these subsidies are almost all used to price promotions. In addition, the diversity of smart phones and payment also prompted consumers to online transfer. Have the convenience of 71% of consumers said that the use of intelligent mobile phone online shopping has a computer do not have, at the same time, 52% of consumers said that the reason the easy payment is their mobile phone online shopping, this data is increased by 10 percentage points compared with last year, the second payment security (39%), it is also an important factor to promote consumers’ online shopping. Under the line more experience is worth noting that, with the online channel is different, Nelson found that consumers online shopping malls and supermarkets pay more attention to the shopping experience rather than price. "Can provide a pleasant shopping experience" (86%), "merchandise display neat and beautiful" (8)相关的主题文章: