Entrepreneurs must read these seven kinds of people’s money is best earned (video)-icesword

Startups: these seven types of people make the best money this to WeChat public number: Rich Dad Poor Dad every business and hope that their entrepreneurial projects are facing those willing and willing to spend money, that is to say there are some people who earn money is relatively good, so what the money is good money? One: earn money for the elderly, the Jewish Philosophy of business is to earn two people’s money, that is, women and children. Now, the eyes of businessmen have begun to plan to make third people’s money, and this "third people" refers to the elderly. Two: earn money more and more lazy social progress, people become more and more lazy, a person, this is the "remote generation", what, if you can come up with a "remote control, bag of money. For convenience, this is a demand for people in the fill in the nature, in a sense, it is convenient for human endless pursuit, promote technological and social progress. Do not you see, someone to wash clothes as a chore, have a washing machine, drying machine, drying machine; there are people too will have trouble cooking, rice cooker; people don’t bother to go to on the aperture and speed. It is a "fool" camera, also said it was "the wise boast without shame people’s choice"…… Three: make a couple of money recently, Nanjing Gulou square on the ground, someone to watch the moon set up a telescope for pedestrians at night to watch the moon, every 1 minutes, charges 1 yuan. This new move attracted many pedestrians, especially young men and women, the moon is always people in the romantic fantasy, and lovers walking at night, if you can hold your lover’s hand, see the distant moon "details", is really an unforgettable enjoyment. It was estimated that the middle-aged man who rented the telescope could earn 60 yuan a night. More interesting is, the heart of the boss, but also on the side of the non-stop play a popular song – "you see the face of the moon". Four: to make money earn money now, more and more people want to make money, by industry, they have their own groups, forming a unique consumer group, if they can open for service projects, certainly can make money. In the past few years, "seafood houses" have surged everywhere, and three businessmen have seen a lot of money. Also lipstick then, but the income is not ideal. And the pockets of these people were stared at by some first-rate, sober businessmen. In Xiamen there is such a business person, she sells sea water for these seafood restaurant owners, the business grew, she finally became a red hot fupo. Five: to earn money this time busy, busy to stop, but the problem is often busy, very wealthy, you see those handheld mobile sir, they shout and wrangle from time to time, if you can do for the service, you will find a way of making money. Nanjing Street maibaoren to taxi drivers and passengers to sell newspapers; net will be the day after washing the vegetables soaked, according to different weekly menu dishes, door-to-door. Busy people earn more money, they naturally. Six: to make money with the people, leisure awareness increasing, playful people grow with each passing day, lift cage birds, gardening, Grenadier Pinfang wanpiao, riprap, playing cards, singing and dancing environment

创业者必读:这七类人的钱最好赚 本文转自微信公众号:富爸爸穷爸爸 每一个创业都希望自己的创业项目面对的是那些既愿意又舍得花钱的人,也就是说有一些人的钱相对来说是好赚的,那么都有哪些人的钱是比较好赚的呢?一:赚老人的钱犹太人的经商哲学是专门赚两个人的钱,即女人和小孩。现在,有眼光的商家已经开始策划赚第三个人的钱,而这“第三个人”指的就是老人。二:赚懒人的钱社会愈来愈进步,人就愈来愈懒,有人称,这是“遥控器的一代”,做什么事,你如果能想出“一把”遥控器来,包赚大钱。向往方便,这是人们在解决了温饱之后自然而生的一种需求,从某种意义上说,正是人类对于方便的无止境的追求,推动了科技和社会的进步。君不见,有人把洗衣服视作苦差事,便有了洗衣机、甩干机、烘干机;有人嫌煮饭费事,便有了电饭煲;有人懒得去对光圈、速度,便有了“傻瓜”照相机,还大言不惭地说这是“聪明人的选择”……三:赚情侣的钱不久前,南京鼓楼广场空地上,有人对着看月亮架起了一架天文望远镜,供晚上行人观看月亮,每看1分钟,收费1元。这一新鲜举措吸引不少行人,特别是年轻男女,月亮永远是人们浪漫的幻想,在与恋人散步的晚上,若能握着爱人的手,目睹那遥远的月球“细节”,真是一种难忘的享受。有人估计,这位出租望远镜的中年人,一个晚上可挣60元。更有情趣的是,这位有心的老板,还在一侧不停地播放一首流行已久的歌——《你看你看月亮的脸》。四:赚想赚钱者的钱如今,想赚钱的人越来越多,按行业分,他们有各自的群体,形成独特的消费群,如果能开辟专心为他们服务的项目,肯定能赚钱。前几年,各地“海鲜楼”纷纷涌起,三流的生意人看到别人挣到大钱。也东施效颦地依法炮制,但收益并不理想。而这群人的口袋,却被一些一流的冷静的生意人盯上了。在厦门就有这么一个生意人,她专门为这些海鲜楼老板出售海水,生意越做越大,她终于成为一名红得发紫的富婆。五:赚忙人的钱这个时代,忙人持别多,而问题是,忙人往往也特别有钱,你看街上那些手持大哥大的先生小姐,他们不时地大呼小叫着,如果你能做到见缝插针为其服务,你一定会找到生财之道。南京街头卖报人见缝插针地向的士司机和乘客卖报;净菜公司每天将蔬菜浸泡冲洗后,按每周不同的菜谱配菜,送货上门。忙人多,自然挣他们钱也多。六:赚爱玩人的钱随着人们休闲意识的日益增强,爱玩的人与日俱增,提笼架鸟、养花弄草、抛石掷弹、品芳玩票、下棋玩牌、唱歌跳舞,真是五花八门,玩不胜玩。市场经济条件下,玩也需要大把花钱,于是一些“市场眼”敏锐的人便瞄准玩性十足的人,大赚其钱了。七:赚单身人的钱家庭细分成了现代社会发展的趋势,单身者在现今社会占有相当比例,他们正逐渐形成一个独特的消费层面,因而开发单身用品市场大有钱赚。单身者最头疼的是一日三餐,他们需要简单、可口、营养足够的快餐食品。如果市场上有一人一餐的小包装食品套餐和速冻菜肴,定会受单身一族欢迎。小巧、方便,量少、质优,一次性使用等价格便宜的日用品也最受单身者欢迎。知道了哪些人的钱最好赚,就可以合理调整创业赚钱思路,更好地创业赚钱了。呵呵。【声明】本文来源于微信自媒体账号,仅代表作者个人观点,与腾讯无关。我们尊重自媒体知识产权,如有版权问题,可联系腾讯理财QQ号(611998558)。 海归回深创业 既看政策优惠更看创业环境相关的主题文章: