Finally wait until the day! Hundreds of NBA players from the heart of the ghost idea (video)

Finally wait until the day! 100 NBA star exposes the heart "idea" NBA God Halloween shocking Parke play pirates play competition without integrity in October 31st, once a year the upcoming halloween. Also known as Halloween feast, is a traditional western festival. Halloween is intended to all saints’ day, meaning is the memory of all the saints, but with the development of society, there are more interpretations on Halloween, turned into a national Carnival festival. Halloween Halloween and Western view, people on that day will be disguised as ghost appearance, contend in strange, even very horrible, such as the following. Halloween is the standard Jack-O-Lantern, Jack-O-Lantern from ancient Irish legend, is Halloween pet. Do not bother with sugar, this is a very interesting Halloween project. On the day of the festival, dressed as a ghost elves children will go to have a knock on family holiday arranges for candies, "threat" trick or treat, this custom has originated from religious legends. Do not give sugar on the trouble, which is part of the children’s holiday activities, but there are some children can not attend, O’neal had encountered such embarrassment. "Shark" elementary school when there is an average adult height, when he dressed up to sugar, people suspect that he is to deceive the sugar. NBA player he is very strong, but have a childlike innocence, at Halloween, will design their brains. Early in the year before the arrival of Halloween, Wei less have thought her dress, and in social media Slide Show. Wei less is Halloween Halloween 2015 large game player, a team mate Adams, it is vivid. Wei little Cosplay Adams, that Adams himself? He’s little by little. Durant and Wei’s wife’s Halloween photo, of course, this is last year, this year is estimated that there will not be such a photo. Parsons and enchanting the patchogue Faria SAGE-like type. Why? Who is that on the left? On the left side of the front to do it, Nowitzki this look scary to go out at midnight. On Halloween, mom no longer has to worry about Lebron’s hairline problem. If not next to the lady, Xiao Bian also really can not guess who is the model of terrorist brother? If you encounter this big night, suddenly scared ah, Jason – Smith too hard. This smokey-eye make-up Delong, heaven. "The skin or other cool uncle. To say that Halloween is the high-end atmosphere on the grade, color value and seductive, or Kobe and Vanessa. This is the mo – Williams imitation of the movie "devil Street" in the shape, he is also afraid of the effect of terror is not enough, especially in the sun at the same time the text added: "I will kill all of you! Don’t make trouble for sugar!" These Halloween style, players tend to design their own, this is the opportunity to show their personalities, but also can narrow the distance with those fans, or humorous, or funny, or scary costumes, are self marketing effectively, is a part of the NBA and fans together. Halloween is not just entertainment. Stars will be a variety of pleasing shape, to participate in public welfare activities, to bring warmth to the fans, a love halloween. Caring for fans, giving back to the community, Halloween is an opportunity not to be missed, and that’s why NBA fans stick.相关的主题文章: