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Skating teenagers of Russia’s native title China player fifth – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 17th, the 2016-2017 season ISU figure skating junior Grand Prix fourth station Russian race in Saransk entered into the second game for the day. Local skaters won the men’s singles and doubles two gold medals, Li Tangxu and the fifth are high Yumeng. The women’s short program game, fame Tesuersikaya season injury score topped the China young Tianqi ranked sixteenth yuan. The women’s short program last season of fame Tesuersikaya injury this season, her short program music is a famous drama "game of Thrones" of "seven light", the opening hook three week Toeloop three weeks was very beautiful, show the second half of the loop three and Axel two weeks Zhou also very recognized, the whole program of her own characteristics on delay swivel play very well, jumping quality high, three rotation and a continued pace is four, 39.60 technical program content of 29.42, 69.02 points ranked first in the short program. Konstantinova of the season point music is "Swan Lake", the opening hook three week Toeloop three weeks more general, half of the program of the loop three week and two week executive Axel points are drought, three rotation is four, continue to step three, technology 36.82 the program content 27.56, 64.38 point program ranked second. Yuan Tianqi of the season short program music is Barbara Streisand directed and starred in the "Yang" the classic soundtrack single "Daddy can you hear me", after opening the loop three weeks completed only two weeks, after three weeks in ring fell not connected even jump, Axel fell again in two weeks for three, the joint rotation, continuous pace of three, 17.84 technical program content minute 17.34 turnovers deducted 2 points, the short program of 33.18 points, ranked sixteenth. The men’s singles slide freely Russia’s vast canopy Samar audience, he free skating music this season is "maybe I, maybe you can". The opening Toeloop completed around three weeks, very beautiful, Axel Axel three week Toeloop also successfully completed two weeks, half of the program, he completed the three week high quality hook loop a week after three weeks in the ice sandwich jump, the only flaw is in the ring three weeks Luobing feet, three rotation and a continued pace is four, 81.97 technical program content 73.02, free 154.99 points, a total score of 228.33 points won the championship. American contestant Andrew – dholka Scherf free skate staged a counter attack, his score is Queen’s "Bohemian Rhapsody", after the opening outside the ice ice around the big turn, Axel fell for three weeks, half of the program after the three week after the ice point within the loop a week after three weeks in ring Luobing step a two jump hook for three weeks with the edge is not clear, second even jump completed only one week, 72.50 technical program content)相关的主题文章: