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Foreign media: China Ejiao demand too much of Africa Lvpi demand is the main material of the donkey hide gelatin (photos from the website of Broadcasting British Corporation) Reference News Network reported that foreign media said the donkey has aroused more and more concerns in africa. The United States "quartz" website reported that Niger 5, announced that the country will prohibit the export of donkey products, because of the demand for this kind of animal market in Asia – based, has been greatly to the "worrying level". Taiwan Eastern cloud ETtoday News reported on September 8th, demand mainly comes from Chinese, stewed donkey skin gelatin is precious medicine, however, the number is constantly reduced, and in 90s 11 million, now only 6 million, and was reduced to about 300 thousand a year head speed. Lack of resources, land prices have been to Africa donkey, donkey products, South Africa to provide relevant training courses, Kenya is preparing a number of slaughterhouses. Niger animal husbandry minister said that this year has exported about 80 thousand, compared with last year has grown by 3 times, the price also rose from about $234 per head to $988. Reported that Niger was not the first African country to introduce such a ban. Last month, Burkina Faso has announced that it will stop the export of donkey skin, said the country’s donkey resources have been excessive development". Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on August, donkey skin demand in Asia rose rapidly, threatening the existence of the number of donkeys, so that African countries Burkina Faso prohibit the export of donkey skin. The government of Burkina Faso says the number of donkeys needs to be maintained at a sustainable level. Reported that Chinese is the largest exporter of Burkina Faso donkey skin, the traditional medicine with gelatin Chinese. In Burkina Faso, this animal is mainly used as a donkey transport, but there are also some people eat the flesh of a donkey. BBC reporter said that the rapid increase in the export of donkey skin on the local market pressure, donkey prices are rising. Authorities said the donkey leather exports from 1000 in the first quarter of 2015, a substantial increase in the last quarter of the same year, the last 18000. Reported that the first six months of this year, there are nearly 65 thousand pieces of leather exports, most of the exports to china. "Chinese daily" reported in January this year, due to low reproductive rate and rearing period, the number of Chinese donkey is decreased, so that the shortage of traditional medicine raw material gelatin. Gelatin is mainly used for the treatment of anemia, women’s cough and dizziness. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: