Foreign media said the number of Chinese imports this year, more than in previous years, officials d

Foreign media said the number Chinese imports this year than in previous years officials denied relax the original title: foreign media said the number China imports this year than in previous years the official denied that the relaxation limit reference news network November 3 news media said, Chinese relaxed restrictions on imported films at the box office under the background of the downturn. According to the British Guardian website reported on November 1st, China’s annual release of the number of Hollywood movies will grow to 38, more than the usual limit of more than 4. Reported that, in order to stimulate the continued downturn in the box office, China seems to relax the restrictions on the number of annual release of Hollywood movies. In the past few days, some Hollywood films have finalized the release date, bringing the total number of Hollywood films released in China this year to at least 38, with an average limit of 34. The "deep" catastrophe "next door" company "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" release date has been finalized, "Dr." singular "magicians" Wizard "spy" ocean alliance "Romance" "Captain Sally" and other films have release. The 34 part of the quota for the revenue sharing system of imported films, the United States issued a box office can get a box office income of 25%. Other films can be imported into a fixed fee system, that is, China’s one-time payment of the issuer and get all the profits, this film is about 30. According to the China film website reported that China’s press and Publication Administration of radio, a spokesman denied the relaxation of the quota, saying that some of the films are not counted, because they belong to the cultural exchange program". American Film Co eager to take advantage of China’s huge box office potential. An agreement in 2012 to increase the number of foreign imports of film, the original only 20 per year, the agreement also increased the profit share of American Film Co. After several years of growth, Chinese film fell sharply in 2016, and far from the expected — so far, is expected to only $8 billion 900 million to $5 billion 600 million. The downturn in the box office is thought to have prompted the authorities to relax the quota and try to revive the film industry. Reported that the 2012 agreement is valid for 5 years, will be re negotiated in February next year, when the limit may be increased significantly. "Chinese film" website reported that a state official warned the domestic film industry to prepare for the "fierce competition fair", "Hollywood reporter" said imported films may increase 10, the art of film and Oscar winning film bag into them. (compile Yuan Xinfang) responsible editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: