Guangdong this year, a single case of the loss of over one million telecommunications fraud cases fr

This year Guangdong single case of loss over millions of telecommunications fraud cases from 37 – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Guangzhou on September 7th news (reporter Zhou Yu) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the reporter learned that Guangdong is planning to build two provincial and municipal anti telecommunications fraud center, which will greatly enhance the rapid intercept telephone fraud, the payment of funds involved, and judged on clues comprehensive ability. Guangdong is the hardest hit of telecommunications fraud, serious cases of frequent multiple, this year the whole Guangdong Province, a single case of more than one million yuan loss in case there are 37. Guangdong provincial public security department will hit new telecommunications network crimes included in the "2016 hurricane" special action, has organized several large inter regional cross-border telecommunications fraud network project to close the net action, arrested more than 1300 suspects, the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong province said, realized the case number, the number of criminal detention and arrest the sharp rise in the number, filing number, property the number of losses dropped goal. To be listed as the seven regional occupation crime one of the output of the Ministry of public security Maoming Dianbai, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau set up a leading group, set up Gongzuozhuanban stationed Dianbai combat remediation work guidance. After many efforts, the white area initially realized the good situation of telecommunications network fraud incidence decreased significantly, the case number and detention, the sharp rise in the number of social security continues to improve. In addition, the telecommunications fraud surrounding the gray industry groups have also been hit. On the "black radio" pseudo base station ", open the selling bank card, infringement of citizens’ personal information such as telecommunications network fraud on the lower crime and gray industrial chain, Guangdong public security organs launched the" safety net 1 "action in hot pursuit, destroyed 78 criminal gangs, fraud, theft, extortion with broken blackmail in more than and 800 cases personal information of citizens, seized 1.1 more than 100 million was leaked, stolen, sale.相关的主题文章: