In the analysis of race Yanbian Yatai battle relegation again and again to hide a fatal

Analysis of schedule: Yanbian super relegation battle again and again to hide a fatal Yatai away victory over Yongchang Jianye sina sports news in the twenty-eighth round of the relegation battle started two this afternoon, the Shijiazhuang Yongchang 2-0 defeat away Henan Jianye, Changchun Yatai away 1-0 lore even Hongyun, bottom two teams averaged three points, also let the super avoid relegation situation more complicated. At present, Yongchang 27 points still bottom, Yatai 29 ranked second, Greentown and Shenhua game tonight, the Greentown 29 ranked third (dominant mutual confrontation and achievement, and Yanbian Yatai) Liaozu 32 ranked fourth and fifth, with the final two rounds against, the last three have no direct dialogue, Yanbian to Yongchang, Greentown direct confrontation, 32 of Yanbian’s present situation is not safe. Shijiazhuang Yongchang Yongchang Jianye team beat, got their first win of the season away, the remaining two games: one Lord, twenty-ninth round away to Yanbian flight, the first leg of Yongchang home court negative Yanbian 1-3, this game if Yongchang win, not only continued life for oneself, can continue to hold the thirtieth round in Yongchang, Yanbian; home court against Guangzhou R & F, Wuyuwuqiu bodied may not make too much trouble to Yongchang. Changchun Yatai Yatai away after the integral has been temporarily Liaozu lore, tied behind Greentown, in front of the distant foot and Yanbian are only 3 points, their remaining two object subject, the twenty-ninth round away Henan Jianye, the thirtieth round of home court against Shanghai Shenhua, the two rivals are not direct relegation rivals, but also the pursuit of little in the standings therefore, in addition to their best Yatai can only resigned, after all they are with the remaining 4 relegation rivals battle record is at a disadvantage. Hangzhou Greentown Greentown home court tonight against Shanghai Shenhua, regardless of the outcome, they cannot advance echelon successfully, the final two rounds of a twenty-ninth round of Greentown main road to face the Chinese happy, the thirtieth round home court against Yanbian if the twenty-ninth round of Yongchang Fude, can hold in Yanbian, then the thirtieth round and Yanbian Greentown will fight to the death. Liaoning Hongyun home court is Yatai lore, Liaozu soldiers but they must pick up the mood as can be imagined, good mood to face the next two games, the last two Liaoning a lord, twenty-ninth round away to Guangzhou R & F, thirtieth round home court against Jiangsu Suning, although opponents have Wuyuwuqiu, but want to get is not easy. Yanbian Yanbian flight tonight will be away to Guangzhou Hengda, can imagine facing in 6 consecutive Yanbian Evergrande, will face the offensive, the last two Yanbian main a twenty-ninth round home court in Shijiazhuang, Yongchang, the thirtieth round against Hangzhou Greentown, two is to face the relegation battle, played the most able to escape. The bad situation is 32 relegated. (tower)相关的主题文章: