Intends to promote the deputy magistrate was accused of two different resumes, said the staff of the jinshen

The deputy magistrate promoted two resumes different staff said Gordon wrong – Sohu news in Furong Town Government website "leadership information column provided to enter into the resume, born in March 1980, the Communist Party, to work in November 1999 2001 to join the party organization. Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Committee Organization Department of the release of the show in the resume, to enter the Communist Party, was born in December 1979, in July 1999 to participate in the work of College culture. In the Furong Town Government website, leading information to provide a resume into the column display, into the March 1980 was born, the Communist Party of China, in November 1999 to participate in the work, joined the party in 2001. Furong Town Government office staff August 30th afternoon told the surging news, was born in December 1979 into the July 1999, to participate in the work, "the ID card that is December 1979, our side of the registration error". The staff admitted that the reasons for the registration error is their negligence. Soon after, the news of the news on the news of the town of Furong Furong government website into the resume found that the relevant content has been modified.相关的主题文章: