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Internet TV video website to seek a complete ecological extension act tough and talk soft reporter Li Wangning video industry in cooperation with TV manufacturers are carrying out like a raging fire. Iqiyi shares before SKYWORTH Internet TV brand caused concern to the industry, both sides said it would be an important step in the layout of the home entertainment market enterprises. Previously, music, popular and other video companies have also been working with TV manufacturers, soft and hard combination is becoming a new trend in the development of the industry. The reason is that the traditional color TV manufacturing industry is facing overcapacity dilemma, seize the opportunity to combine with the Internet business is an important bargaining chip for successful transformation. This big screen TV and video business has also been the object of envy, with the help of the Internet terminal to open the new screen, then it is also the best time. Of course, in the era of full competition, the importance of ecological construction is self-evident. For enterprises, only to maintain the continuous output of high-quality content, continuous innovation of advanced technology, in order to maintain a dominant position. Iqiyi shares cool open, the video industry overweight TV market become the trend of video website and hardware manufacturers are fit to force Internet tv. After May with SKYWORTH technical cooperation, Iqiyi have a new action in recent days, the United and SKYWORTH announced the company will expand the depth of cooperation in the living room entertainment ecological construction. The Iqiyi will invest 150 million yuan, SKYWORTH’s Internet TV brand cool open 5% of the shares. For Iqiyi, this is the first time in the terminal manufacturing brand investment. Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu believes that the TV screen is the home entertainment center, Iqiyi needs and quality partners focus on their respective strengths, to guide the market to upgrade. This also reflects, the Iqiyi company in the home entertainment investment is an important step in the ecological layout. As an important sub brand in the field of Internet TV SKYWORTH, cool open in the past period of time also occupy a larger market share. SKYWORTH group president Yang Dongwen said, cool open TV Internet TV terminal currently added nearly 40 million units in the country, of which 1/4 from SKYWORTH, the activation number has more than 17 million 500 thousand active terminal number up to 8 million 280 thousand weeks, the average daily number of active users reached 6 million 520 thousand, in the future, this figure will be 3-4 million a day growth rate rose. In the specific details of cooperation, the two sides will be more targeted from the combination of hardware and software aspects. Previously, SKYWORTH released its Chinese dream series G7 TV equipped with Iqiyi resources background, provide the hardware for Iqiyi’s support, both sides have a certain basis for cooperation. Based on the in-depth cooperation in the capital, the two companies will be in the video quality, fluency and advertising performance, the pursuit of better quality user experience. In addition, from the beginning of the next fiscal year, cool open TV will also be controlled by the galaxy Internet TV broadcast platform, pre VIP membership services and related content. Iqiyi is already deep in the members of the user service for many years, iResearch data show that in July 2016, Iqiyi PC users reached 360 million, APP users reached 330 million; as of June 1st this year, aiqi.相关的主题文章: