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IPhone 7 plus dual camera brings to the industry chain opportunities – Sohu technology for mobile phone camera industry chain company in the last year before the AR VR concept, was abandoned by the market, one of the most important logic is the intelligent mobile phone shipments growth rate led to a decline in the camera industry chain business revenue growth has declined, even facing reshuffle rumors. However, VR hardware and driver assistance system set to enhance penetration gradually eliminated the investors questioned last year, but due to the VR volume and slow camera into the vehicle factory of low efficiency and high requirements, so in a short time on the camera industry chain not to significantly boost. Every time the market is eager, but every time the reality strikes. But! Now the two cameras on behalf of mobile phone OEM Apple door is really the beginning (that is, high pixel do not play anymore, a change of tactics), IPhone 7 plus post is open all the binocular camera on the binocular look, finally can do 50% new machines sales penetration I can’t promise, but it is certain that the next 2-3 years will be accelerated again a year of camera. Why is | apple IPhone 7 plus?! As we all know, before Apple, 2014 HTC and HUAWEI in 2015 has been equipped with a dual camera, but why Apple detonated the market? But now the answer is very simple, when the HTC M8 public offering month sold 8 million, HUAWEI P9 listed for sale in the six week of the 6 million. But the first week of the first apple sales is certainly the million level, and the external market is expected this year shipments of Iphone7 7plus will be around 65 million, next year will be 200 million, if in accordance with the previous Iphone6:6plus = 4:1, Iphone 7 plus will be in this year and next year 15 million shipments to 40 million units. In other words, apple can at least raise the demand for 1% of this year’s camera and next year shipments of 3.3%. In addition, HTC M8 at that time the camera is still stuck at 4 million pixels, does not meet the prevailing demand. Milk brother was also enthusiastic about the HTC, but later found that the dual camera HTC M8 neither anti shake nor particularly clear, just fun, such as adjusting the focus, 3D effect, etc.. At the beginning of the year, milk brother also thought HUAWEI P9, but after the study, found that although it is used in the 12 million pixel camera, but in fact only one camera is used for photographing, another is used to grab the details, there will be no 3D and zoom function, that is to say is a realist or the art school, apparently not milk brother. The information obtained from the rear view, binocular Iphone should be a collection of properties of HTC M8 and HUAWEI P7, so you can attract more people to use, but to tell the truth, Iphone itself is strong enough. | post will form a binocular camera.相关的主题文章: