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Jane Pu is expected to advance the half of the opening of the high-speed hard nut to win all of the time used in the extreme and innovative construction methods — – reporter Wang Chengdong [PROJECT] Jane (Shenyang) Po (River) Expressway in Chengdu Plain Economic Area Ring Expressway (third beltway) is an important part of a total length of 126.3 km. In September 2014, Jane Pu high-speed officially opened, the budget invested 14 billion 667 million 500 thousand yuan. According to today’s schedule, July next year will be open to traffic. In the construction of the project, the construction side has adopted the advanced construction technology, such as hanging irrigation, box girder, etc. the construction progress of the project is 1/3 faster than expected. In October 7th, Chengdu Jianyang City Wo Fengzhen brazier outside the village, waste clean-up road construction workers are in the rain. A week later, the roads will be paved with asphalt. According to the engineering contractor in railway construction company plans to Jane Pu high-speed, before the end of the year, Gufo renshoucounty wo Fengzhen high-speed to Meishan City, Jane Pu town a total length of 61 km section of the traffic conditions will have. Compared to the current construction speed, Jane Pu speed is expected to be completed in July next year, about half a year ahead of schedule. The first recruit: do enough plans to take advantage of the time to the end of the newly paved concrete pavement covered with protective film, cleaning the road on both sides of the waste residue…… In October 7th 10, the rain is more and more big, Jane Pu still has more than and 500 sections of high-speed machine to work. "We saw the weather forecast, today’s rain, concrete and asphalt can do, can only do something else." Jane Pu high-speed construction company of China railway construction relevant responsible person said, after the project construction headquarters has been clear, to ensure that he Fengzhen to Gufo sections of the town with the traffic conditions before the end of the year. To this end, the headquarters of the annual planned investment increased from 4 billion 400 million yuan to 5 billion 800 million yuan, the corresponding period are inverted, and refinement of the construction of each section, each project dates and the corresponding construction machinery, team and task section. In order to catch up with the progress, the headquarters of the time every day to the extreme. In the technology sector’s suggestion, according to the different weather and other unexpected situations, the construction plan of the corresponding command, such as a small to moderate cleaning waste residue and soil engineering implementation of afforestation in autumn on both sides of the road and so on. Therefore, in addition to special circumstances, such as extreme weather, Jane Pu high-speed construction sites can continue to run. The first half of two, Jane PU high speed control project — Akiyama Waji asan two tunnels open up all of the engineering control has basically completed the Jane PU high speed. "The overall goal is before the end of July next year, Jane PU high speed to full completion." Jane Pu high-speed construction company of China Railway Construction Party Secretary Zheng Gang introduced, at present, the construction of the main section of Fengzhen to Gufo Wo Zhen has entered the mop up stage. The second recruit: hanging irrigation work to build bridges, save time 1/3 road construction does not take time, is to repair the bridge too much trouble." Jane Pu in high speed two years of construction, in Fuyang road workers from Anhui River Yuliang impression, the highway bridge, one by one". Indeed, more than 126.3 kilometers, the construction of the bridge within the distance of the need to build a bridge of 137, less than one kilometer there is a." Zheng Gang introduction, Jane pu.相关的主题文章: