Jiangsu, a man stealing more than 40 yuan reward network anchor woman jailed for 10 years ca1805

Jiangsu, a man stealing more than 40 yuan reward network anchor woman jailed for 10 years, Xinhua news agency, Nanjing September 9th news (reporter Liu Weiwei) 21 year old Zhou man to please the network anchorwoman, the boss of WeChat actually account money into his account, a total of more than 42 yuan stolen. Wujiang District People’s Court of Suzhou on the 8 day of theft of the First Instance sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10 thousand. Henan Man Zhou came to Wujiang after work, as a customer service in a shop to the town of Shengze District, responsible for the price change and distribution etc.. The shop owner registered a WeChat account for payment. An accidental opportunity, Zhou accidentally get account password. In the past nearly 5 months, Zhou repeatedly use the WeChat account to transfer money to their account, each time from a few hundred dollars to $10 thousand. In April this year, the boss found a significant reduction in the amount of money in the account, the survey found that a lot of pen into the account of Zhou record. Zhou see things brought to light, the boss admitted stealing money in the account of the facts. After verification, a total transfer of 424834.79 yuan zhou. According to Zhou confessed, the stolen money has been squandered, except for the outer half for idle away in seeking pleasure and reward network anchorwoman. It turned out that Zhou is a member of a live site, through the site to watch the network anchor performances. In order to obtain the female anchor favor, the site is set up to anchor a reward and send virtual gifts, as long as the money gifts, will interact with the female anchor, let Zhou get great satisfaction, of which he was willing to splurge obsession.相关的主题文章: