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Jiangsu beat Beijing to take two straight   Tongxi Beikong – Sports – home court against the original title: people.com.cn kendiya victory over Beijing for two consecutive victories with Xi was not enemy Beikong HeiShao home court Chang Linzhu (left) to help kendiya turned on his old club. Last night, the CBA League in the eleventh round of the contest, Jiangsu kendiya team and Jiangsu Tongxi team two teams both home court against Beijing, but fate has be quite different — kendiya team continued recently very good momentum, winning 117:104 powerhouse Beijing Shougang Group; Jiangsu XI team in a hard struggle 103:112 not enemy Beikong, but Tongxi team lose, is not entirely their own reasons, more because of the referee. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Chen? Chang Linzhu kendiya against old main Jiangsu kendiya team the game, win at the outbreak of the points, and 36 rebounds in 29 advantages. Samuels 28 points, Brooks’s 26 points, in the face of the old lord of the old man, get a score of 8 points and rebounds, easy to stand up to 14 points, and the United States at the age of 8 points for the first time, with a score of about $23. To win this game, kendiya team record to 5 wins and 6 losses, only one step away from the 50%. The Beijing team lost to Jiangsu kendiya, out of the two game winning streak. Let the Beijing team to swallow the bitter defeat, unexpectedly is old Chang Linzhu! Old main, Chang Linzhu did not hesitate, the game he played 32 minutes and 37 seconds, 2 points 5 2, 3 5 3 23 ball, with 1 points and 8 rebounds and 1 assists and steals. Chang Linzhu landed in 2012 CBA League, before the two season career was spent in the Beijing team, although with the team tasted the taste of the championship, but his team has been in the "water dispenser administrator" role, the two season played the game all the time is less than 5 minutes, scoring is below 2 points. After 2014 for the Jiangsu team, Chang Linzhu began to get more opportunities, the last three seasons, he averaged stable in two digits. Jiangsu kendiya team nearly four rounds to win three games, and Chang Linzhu’s performance is getting better, a round just cut down the 24+9, followed by the dedication of 23+8, to fully show their value. It is worth mentioning that Chang Linzhu height 2 meters 05 seems to have no absolute advantage in the long people lined the inside, but the outstanding physical quality and amazing spring let him in the fight against no losses, plus up to three from outside the range, always offensive means rich opponents anti panic. Tongxi lost to the Basketball Association accused of "black whistle" and Tongxi team, although the home court also once occupied the superiority, but the referee, to a certain extent about the Tongxi team situation. The game because of the referee’s penalty caused by a number of interruptions, and finally Abbas had six fouls and a technical foul, was sent off. Tang Zhengdong also because of dissatisfaction with the referee penalty, eat a technical foul. Audience, Datang two T, Abbas a T, Feng Xin was also blown a T. The game, won the 17 free throws Tongxi team, and the road Beikong team finished 30 times, more let discontent Tongxi team is not consistent with the referee scale. "As long as we are in contact with the body, the referee must blow our foul. Each other)相关的主题文章: