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Jin Hongyu: 9.25-26 crude oil asphalt under the operation Monday suggested how to straddle single quilt, frozen production agreement can be reached Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Jin Hongyu: you do, but you don’t have to look at it. In the market, is a game of insecurity, because too much, so afraid of losing the opportunity, one person one degree, it is he suffering depth. People can know the pros and cons of history, one can know, wind direction is more suitable for flying, not afraid of tens of thousands of people stop I surrender myself, the fate of any game as hand palm, no matter how tortuous, end in their own hands. If you want to find, to dig into the water, in the market stage, never give out medals. The biggest mistake in trading is the constant fear of making mistakes. Their defeat is the most tragic failure of their own victory over themselves is the most valuable victory. Mr. Jin Hongyu: WeChat jhy16575 Market Review: Friday evening crude oil prices on Friday (September 23rd) pitch plunge plunge 4[%], signs of discussion in next week’s major oil producers of frozen before the meeting, Saudi Arabia and Iran has not reached a preliminary consensus. In addition, the United States oil services company Beck Hughes data show that the United States in September 23rd when the week oil drilling to increase the number of 2 to 418, in the past 13 weeks in 12 weeks, rose to the highest level since February this year, to a record 2 years since the largest quarterly increase in oil prices, further pressure. 1, shortly after Saudi Arabia’s proposal to limit the production of crude oil in Iran, Iran issued a statement that it is impossible to agree to a freeze on the current level of production with OPEC members and other important oil producing countries. At the same time, it will continue to increase production to the level of pre sanctions, and refused to confirm whether Iran has accepted the recommendations of Saudi arabia. 2, crude oil into the global market this month, more than the daily average of more than 800 thousand barrels a day, because Russia’s output reached the highest level in history, while Libya and Nigeria have also resumed the interrupted production. This means that excess supply from the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates of the current level of about 400 thousand barrels per day, an increase of two times. 3, Beijing time on Saturday (September 24th) 01:00 announced the United States to the week of September 23rd, the total number of oil drilling for the mouth of the mouth of the 418, once again refresh the high point of the month of 7, while the expected value of 416. After the data release, the United States continued to decline after the oil oil, oil fell over 4[%]. Freeze production meeting next week struck the freeze production meeting began in the global main oil production volume reached the peak of the domestic historical background, Jin Hongyu think that once the agreement is expected to freeze production difficult to achieve, because in order to get better conditions for negotiations and occupy the frozen production meeting times of the market share, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and Kuwait’s crude oil production in the history near the peak, while Nigeria and Libya before the interruption of the production is gradually restored export. Due to domestic unrest, Libya and Nigeria on相关的主题文章: