Jingdong x Chi 2017 spring and summer show detonated double 11 fashion Carnival in the world of Zhan splitit

Jingdong X CHI ZHANG spring 2017 release double 11 Carnival fashion show off lead: November 11th, Jingdong × CHI ZHANG; the spring and summer of 2017 release show staged a grand in the headquarters of the Jingdong, the Jingdong to pioneer fashion designer Zhang Chi, together to create the first revolutionary China 360° light interactive show, let the person at the scene of the guests enjoy the ultimate visual feast. The star studded, Wei Chen, love, Bao Chunlai and other star performers stunning debut, fashion Master, many bloggers gathered, detonated a "double 11" fashion carnival. This is the first domestic scene in a highly interactive show, accompanied by dazzling light changes, the models are marching music into the crowd, the meaning of love and freedom of the 2017 spring and summer series, show free to show the way all in the crowd, each view of the show guests are show host, each one you can follow the model on T stage, enjoy this feast. This new interactive mode, the Once in a Lifetime JD X CHI ZHANG 360° haoyoo show the intention into the hearts of the audience, so that we have the most comprehensive feel "free" the heart of the essence. Site map site CHI ZHANG 2017 spring and summer series of new products adhering to the style of Zhang Chi, the fashion personality spirit and the real function of the perfect combination. Leather and silk and other fabrics, in order to break through the traditional tailoring technology and the combination of bright colors, creating a more popular this season, more suitable for fashion designer clothing in everyday life. Both exaggerated and unpredictable drama elements, and restrained and elegant and classical part coexist, not only demonstrates the China are tension, without losing the affinity for everyday wear. It is understood that the CHI ZHANG 2017 spring and summer series is expected by the end of December will be in the Jingdong exclusive on-line shopping mall. In addition, the "double 11" period, the Jingdong and Zhang Chi also launched the Jingdong × CHI ZHANG; exclusive custom couple sweater, November 9th has been officially on sale in the Jingdong to raise. Site map as early as February of this year, Jingdong will work together Zhang Chi and other domestic outstanding original designer unveiled New York fashion week, and relying on the platform to achieve the show that is to buy". The show is Jingdong and Zhang Chi again depth cooperation. The two sides with such a unique interactive show opened the double 11 fashion curtain for the layout of the fashion strategy and the quality of fashion shopping Jingdong have injected new vitality. Zhang Chi said, "as the leading electricity supplier China power, Jingdong introduced numerous independent designers of the original brand, the quality, fashion shopping experience for China designer to create a good environment for the growth, also let more young groups are fond of Jingdong through the first time exposed to the most avant-garde fashion." Wang Lijie, general manager of the Department of clothing apparel Jingdong mall home fashion department said that under the consumer upgrade, consumers personalized, diversified demand for the show of the. And 80, 90 after the rise of mainstream consumption"相关的主题文章: