Joint launch alliance will launch worldview-4 (video)-ca1806

NROL-37 launches the United Launch Alliance will launch WorldView-4 ULA satellite carrier: delta 4 heavy rocket on earth observation satellite WorldView-4 is belong to DigitalGlobe company and the commercial imaging satellite multispectral, its motion control with high resolution, to make the customer more detailed news Tencent space changes observed in the earth according to foreign media reports, the United launch Alliance (ULA), Atlas V rocket, the original plan in September 18th on the eastern time on earth observation satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base WorldView-4. However, due to a fire accident near Vandenberg Air Force base, ULA officials said, the plan will be postponed at least until this Tuesday. Currently, the Atlas V rocket and satellite WorldView-4 are stored in the mobile tower, people can watch the rocket launch on Tuesday. The earth observation satellite (WorldView-4) is a multi spectral and high resolution commercial imaging satellite, which is controlled by DigitalGlobe company, which can make the customers observe the changes of the earth more carefully. The satellite by Lockheed Martin space systems (Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company) production, with 31 cm long and 1.24 m resolution panchromatic and multi spectral resolution, the resolution of WorldView-3 is the same. This advanced high-resolution can clearly show the details on the ground, to provide a strong decision-making credentials for all customers. (compile)相关的主题文章: