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And Canadian Prime Minister Li Keqiang attended the Sino Canadian Cooperation Forum – Sohu news news (News Network): Premier Li Keqiang 23 at noon local time in Montreal and Canada’s prime minister Trudeau attended the sixth session of the Sino Canada economic and trade cooperation forum and delivered a speech. China and Canada to participate in the activities of the business sector more than and 700. Li Keqiang said that the Chinese and Canadian Prime Minister to achieve mutual visits within a month, fruitful cooperation results, reflecting the heat of the strategic partnership between China and Canada, but also indicates a bright future of bilateral friendly cooperation. China and Canada have strong economic complementarities, and the bilateral trade volume is not commensurate with the status of the two sides in the global economic and trade pattern. During this visit, the two prime ministers will further enhance bilateral trade agreement, and agreed to start with the FTA feasibility study as soon as possible, this is not only conducive to expanding economic and trade cooperation, is also a clear signal to promote trade liberalization and investment facilitation to the international community issued, to boost the global economic development confidence. The two countries have signed a wide range of bilateral investment agreements. The two sides can play complementary advantages, combine China cost-effective capacity with Canadian advanced technology, enhance international competitiveness and expand third party cooperation to achieve win-win situation. We hope that Canada will relax its high-tech exports to China, and support the enterprises to carry out international cooperation in accordance with market principles and business practices. Li Keqiang stressed that the current global economic recovery is weak, uncertain factors increase. In the face of large downtown pressure on the economy, China innovative way of macro-control, focus on promoting structural reforms, especially the supply side structural reform, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the steady growth in the medium China economy growth in the forefront of the world’s major economies. We have the ability to achieve the main objectives and tasks of economic and social development throughout the year, so that the economy can maintain rapid growth and move towards the middle and high level. Li Keqiang said, China is comprehensively promote the rule of law, including reference to international practice, establish and perfect the laws and regulations in various fields, while continuing to promote decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize service reform, strengthen IPR protection, to create a more equitable market environment and improve the legal environment. No matter what stage of development in the future, China will unswervingly expand opening up, the door will be opened wider and wider, the use of foreign investment policy will become more standardized, friendly, transparent. Trudeau said that the prime minister frequent visits, frank dialogue, to achieve a number of pragmatic results, indicating that the two sides can promote cooperation through dialogue. The two sides will continue to maintain close ties and work together to make the Sino Canadian relations return to a stable and healthy development track, so that bilateral relations in the new era to achieve more mutually beneficial and win-win results, and better benefit the people of the two countries.相关的主题文章: