Li Ruigang, head of Shaw Brothers revitalize the roadmap released-bleep

Li Ruigang, head of Shaw Brothers released: revitalize the roadmap as Shaw Brothers, Li Ruigang released a roadmap to revitalize the reporter Wu Yanyu reported in Beijing this time, Mr Li will reach deep into the Hongkong film and television industry. TVB has served as vice chairman, chairman of Shaw Brothers, the afternoon of October 27th, Shaw Brothers Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shaw Brothers", HK:00953) held a press conference in Hongkong, the newly appointed chairman of the board of directors of the Li Ruigang Shaw announced the next two pieces of single type, including movies, TV dramas and variety shows. Twenty-first Century economic report found in Shaw Brothers of the announcement, Mr Li served as chairman of Shaw Brothers currently holds 29.94% of the issued share capital. This is the further penetration of the film industry in Hongkong Li Ruigang, Shaw Brothers and Hongkong Television Broad-casts Limited (hereinafter referred to as TVB) in the mainland is also a catalyst for the development of a catalyst. With the accumulation of resources and reputation, will help each other to better develop the two sides of the market. The office for Shaw Brothers, the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as "CMC") related personnel of twenty-first Century economic report revealed that Mr Li will be specifically responsible for the Shaw business office is not so simple. Mr Li said, "the future of Chinese culture and TVB as a strategic shareholder Shaw, their system and China from mainland China, Hongkong and the global advantage of movie resources and shore close linkage, joint innovation, to develop a global Chinese film market." Penetration of the Hongkong market in the former chairman of the board of directors, Li Ruigang will have tentacles step by step into the Hongkong market. Last April, Mr Li shares the largest shareholder of TVB Young Lion, which will hold its TVB shares transferred to Li Ruigang’s Chinese cultural media entertainment limited. TVB was founded in 1967 by Li Xiao, Qi Dezun, and Run Run Shaw. In January 26, 2011, TVB announced the release announcement of changes in equity, which owns 26% of its shares and other important assets of the Shaw Brothers, reached an agreement with the ITC group, via group and Providence investment company consisting of three party investment group Young Lion. Young Lion all the brothers purchased TVB stake in Shaw – a total of 114 million shares, par value of $0.05 per share, accounting for about 26% of the group’s issued share capital. This part of the shares after the change, the management of TVB remains unchanged, but the ITC Group Chairman Chen Guoqiang, chairman Wang Xuehong and Providence via Group CEO Jonathan Nielsen was elected three people will join the TVB board of directors. The origin of Li Ruigang and TVB should start in 2012, Mr Li’s CMC teamed up with the Shanghai Oriental Media Group Limited (SMG), and TVB jointly funded the establishment of Oriental jade, TVB responsible for all business in the mainland. Shares TVB, last September, Mr Li combined with Warner Brothers, TVB, jointly funded the establishment of the Flagship Studios, headquartered in Hongkong. 51 Financial Holding Group相关的主题文章: