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Lost in Jeju Island: Han Guozhen to limit Chinese immigration? Part of the tourists Chinese Sohu comments during the National Day travel to Jeju Island, were refused entry at the airport waiting for a flight home Xiaoheiwu because of the visa policy for Chinese tourists, and the distance China near, South Korea Jeju Island has been one of the Chinese outbound destination of choice. During the National Day holiday this year, a total of 200 thousand China tourists travel to Korea, which has more than 90 thousand tourists visit Jeju Island. The recent exposure of the network more than China tourists on arrival at Jeju Island, were unreasonably refused entry, the airport was put into the "black house" and even forced to become the airport island tour tour. Many netizens questioned, the relationship between the two countries is not as close as in previous years, some time ago, Han Guozhen has repeatedly to cancel the China visa free policy to restrict the entry of Chinese tourists it? Jeju Island: entry visa refusal rate is rising year by year from the beginning of 2002, Jeju Island according to the "Jeju special autonomous island international free city special law", a 30 day visa policy in 189 countries, 11 countries coddle terrorists were excluded. From 2002 to August this year, there are 2 million 979 thousand people to Jeju. 99% of them are Chinese, with an average of about $2500 to $3000 per day for Chinese tourists entering Jeju. But the visa free countries will also examine the inbound tourists, because Jeju Island’s visa only temporary access to tourists, immigrants tend to come to South Korea or to work immigrants cannot enjoy visa, immigration has the right to refuse entry. While the main criteria for immigration and immigration records when the immigration review, visitors need to bring enough materials to prove that they are only to travel to South Korea, such as hotel orders, round-trip tickets and passport. If the document is not clear, or there is any shortage of funds, the purpose of the entry of suspicious signs, are likely to become a reason to refuse entry. These materials are also required for entry in many other countries, the material is not demanding. Repatriation occurred during the national day, had also occurred many times. Visitors to the issue of whether the passport is a high-risk area, whether there is an exit record, whether there will be a detention experience to determine whether the immigration of foreign tourists have a tendency to immigration, whether or not to refuse entry reasons. According to South Korean Ministry of justice data show that in 2015, Jeju Island refused to enter the 7664 foreigners in the first 8 months of this year, the number of people has reached 8589. However, in 2011, the number of people refused to enter only 571 people in 2013 was 1020, in 2014 was a total of 2177 people. The rejection rate is rising year by year, from 2014 to 2015 the entry rate was 0.34% and the rejection rate of 1.2% and 8 months of 2016 was 1.31%, that every 30 foreigners in 1 people will face refused entry. Illegal labor is the main reason for the strengthening of immigration management in Jeju Island, affected by the visa free policy, Jeju Island has become the most serious problem of illegal South korea. Many illegal intermediary companies began in China, Vietnam, Thailand and other places together, using the visa policy of air drilling.相关的主题文章: