Low loss coal mine have been shut down advanced production release or make coal prices rose n-66814

Low loss coal mine have been shut down   advanced since the release of production capacity or make coal prices rose narrowed — energy — people.com.cn into September, the coal market is "coal" flying colors, steam coal and coking coal prices are showing a pull up mode. Among them, coal rose 15 yuan -25 yuan tons, coking coal rose 30 yuan -100 yuan ton, coal prices rose to bitter hope for a long time to see the dawn of coal enterprises. Analysts pointed out that with the ability to go deep into the battle to improve production, large-scale coal group to accelerate the closure of its loss or inefficient coal mines, efforts to eliminate backward production capacity. At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth supply of coal, advanced production capacity will be released. Shortly after the coal power will rise accordingly narrowed, coal prices will rise steadily to achieve. Continue to close inefficient production in late September 6th, Yangquan coal announcement said, according to the Shanxi Provincial Department of coal coal overcapacity resolve target decomposition and time schedule requirements, the controlling shareholder of Yangquan Coal Group mine closed exit 4, exit the production capacity of 2 million 400 thousand tons. Among them, Yangquan Coal Group Coal Limited company to Taichang two subordinate subsidiary of the remaining 3 mine of Yangquan Coal company. Datong coal also disclosed on the evening of 5 to resolve the situation of excess coal production capacity. The controlling shareholder of the company in 2016 with the Coal Group mine closed exit 3, to resolve the production capacity of 3 million 750 thousand tons. In Shanxi Province, the first batch of excess capacity to resolve the task time schedule, Lu’an Group, Jinneng group, Yangquan coal, coking coal group will continue to close some subsidiary losses or inefficient exit under. Information Analyst Han Bin told Chinese Securities newspaper reporter, similar to Yangquan coal, Datong coal industry this announcement will appear in succession. This year the coal industry to the production target is 2.5 tons, the first 7 months to complete only a total of 95 million tons, the progress is only about $38%, a larger gap from the annual target, to the production capacity of the task will be concentrated in the fourth quarter. Shanxi is the largest coal production capacity of the province. "On 2016 in Shanxi province to resolve the overcapacity in coal target decomposition and time schedule of the announcement (the first batch)" released in August 26th, Shanxi province will close 15 mines, annual production capacity of 10 million 600 thousand tons to resolve. In the first 7 months of this year, the national coal production capacity fell by about 10% year on year, coal prices continued to rise. As of September 1st, the Bohai thermal coal price index closed at 494 yuan per ton, compared with the beginning of the year rose by $102 tons, or 27.4%. Since 2016, the overall rise in the price of steam coal market. Since July, steam coal market rose faster. Still bullish Information Analyst Aman Chang pointed out that under the influence of late winter storage of coal, coal market prices are still bullish expectations. Shanxi, Shandong and other places coal shortage phenomenon, the downstream steel coke enterprises of coal stocks are low, purchasing enthusiasm is rising; the winter and coal demand, the late coking coal market prices will remain stable running posture on the rise. However, due to rising coal prices too much is not conducive to the process of production capacity, eliminate backward production capacity at the same time, may release some high-quality coal) inhibition capacity相关的主题文章: