Man eyeing the game city prizes for the conversion of bicycle theft game currency imjpmig

Men at game city prizes for the exchange of bicycle steal game currency morning news (reporter correspondent Chen Yaling Ke Zhongming) at the awarding prizes game city bike, man game city several times to rush into danger, theft of game currency, vouchers. November 3rd, with the An Xiangping police station through the Xiamen people APP software, the theft of the game currency, the man captured the integral coupons. The past two months, a mall Ring Road, Tongan entertainment town frequent loss of game currency, vouchers. Most of the loss occurred in a remote corner of the game machine. Through the retrieval of surveillance, the staff found a man wearing flip flops multiple times in the game and mobile. "He was actually playing the game, holding iron, secretly open under the door, while people do not pay attention to steal." Police investigators said that from October 20th to November 2nd, the man almost every day to steal, the police will intercept interception down, and uploaded to the people of Xiamen, APP software, called for more businesses to pay more attention to. In October 25th, a man with a wad of vouchers to exchange game city with a value of about 500 yuan of bicycle. Although the staff did not recognize him immediately, but the recipient of the award or to impress everyone. "Very few people have been able to get so many coupons." Staff said with emotion. 3 at about 3 in the afternoon, the man appeared again. This time, another staff member recognized him at the first glance, he was to steal the game currency, the integration of the thief". The staff quickly took control of him and called the police. Cheung Ping police station to the scene investigation, the man confessed that he had wanted to buy a bike ride, but no money to buy, think of stealing vouchers and game currency, and finally converted bicycle. It is reported that the man surnamed Cai, 28 years old, has been detained by law and order. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: