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Medical service robots can solve the increasingly serious pension problem? With the continuous improvement of the level of human medical technology, human life is also increasing. One of the most obvious phenomenon is that the ancient life of more than a hundred years old basically difficult to see, but today, one hundred years old is not a rare thing. At the same time, it is also a serious social problem! Currently in China, more than 60 years old has been as many as 200 million people, the growing problem of pension. At present, China is entering a period of rapid development of population aging, the number of elderly population in the annual average growth rate of more than 8 million. It is expected that by 2020, the elderly population will reach 255 million in 2033, a breakthrough of 400 million in 2050 to reach 483 million. The elderly but the face of increasingly large scale, pension services and domestic talent is far behind, this time many one-child families to take care of their children, but also busy with work every day, have no more energy to take care of both parents, a large number of elderly people are facing the dilemma of old men. The mobile medical tide faded, but began to promote the rise of intelligent healthcare in the Internet, a large number of Internet and the combination of medical platform began to emerge, but with the rain doctor founder Zhang Rui’s death, the mobile medical industry also began to enter the winter, in the warm tide situation, Xunyiwenyao, good doctor, doctor 160 other platforms have also heard the news of the layoffs or transformation. For a large number of elderly people, mobile medical platform is not able to solve their pension and medical problems. On the one hand, these elderly people do not use smart phones to call for health care services; on the other hand, mobile medical and medical staff can not solve the relative lack of the status quo. So more and more entrepreneurial companies will be looking to the intelligent medical equipment, on the one hand to solve the liquidity problem of them by selling hardware to consumers, on the other hand through the old man and the patient’s heart rate, users of diet and exercise and sleep monitoring, and collection of the elderly and the physiological data of patients, to provide reference for service professional medical institutions, so as to improve the health management for the elderly and patients, especially for the various body organs are gradually decline for the elderly, the intelligent medical can help them and prevent sudden illness, good management of chronic diseases. With the emergence of intelligent medical technology, a variety of artificial intelligence technology has begun to be used in various types of medical equipment. Nursing Robot nursing robot is mainly for the elderly and patients with physical care services, it is divided into two categories. 1, home care robot home care robot, through the medical service robot can be built in a variety of health care service platform, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors gathered on the platform. They can not only provide health care services for the elderly, if the elderly sick, medical service robots can also contact the doctor through their own built-in services, or even under the doctor 0相关的主题文章: