Meet the most beautiful autumn scenery in Phoenix ditch tourism Sohu winflash

Meet the most beautiful autumn scenery in Phoenix ditch – Sohu tourism rain green pine, maple leaf red dye cream. The wind blowing white clouds, thousands of miles to send tenderness. This is the Tang Dynasty poet Meng Haoran described on the fall of the ancients, but in reality many sad autumn, autumn is so sultry, especially Nanchang Phoenix ditch in the autumn, the most beautiful met, in the Phoenix ditch! From the city of Nanchang, went straight to the Phoenix Ditch Road for nearly 2 hours, the driver can only say really well, remember to open faster can then 1.5 hours to. After friends and set a "eat mulberry feast", each dish which has the basic elements of mulberry leaves, including leaves, stems, leaf juice etc……. About 9 points, to open the door on the balcony, found the stars all over the sky, then restlessness tempted heart, took out! Look, there’s a meteor! The stars like pearls, like a broken gold, scattered in jade disc. It was so quiet and serene, the leaves were rustling and the stars were winking. Phoenix dog woods, quiet calm. Big slope of green grass, occasionally see flowers is a scenery. The Phoenix valley scenic area belongs to Development Co. Ltd. Jiangxi Phoenix ditch ecological industry, this is the Jiangxi Provincial Department of agriculture under the Jiangxi sericulture and Tea Research Institute by the limited liability company entity. Phoenix channel to the theme of ecological agriculture, ecological tourism Phoenix Phoenix ditch ditch tourism agriculture, yellow horse Phoenix valley scenic area is picking, field, sightseeing, leisure and conference as one of the eco agriculture demonstration park. The Phoenix Valley Scenic Area with tea, sericulture, green seedlings, fruit mature ecological industry system, the ecological tea garden 2150 acres, standardized production demonstration mulberry 100 acres, 650 acres of orchards ecological tourism, ecological landscape flower seedlings base 5000 acres, 1000 acres of water. Uchiyama Kiyomihide Park, trees, quiet environment, fresh air, seasonal flowers, seasonal fruit, flocks of migratory birds, for people to enjoy the green, close to nature, feel the joy of the land of idyllic beauty. Park trees, picturesque scenery, quiet environment, fresh air birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, flowers, and the king has four seasons, spring is intoxicating magnolia, peach, pear, cherry and begonia; summer blooming lotus and hibiscus, crape myrtle; autumn fragrant osmanthus, red maple, golden ginkgo forest etc. chamei, camellia, plum blossom; there in winter. Perennial fruit in winter and spring, summer, strawberry, mulberry peach, red bayberry, pear, orange, grapefruit and persimmon with autumn. Peace dove fly on my arm, as long as you feed him, dove will be very friendly…… Make a cup of tea, drink slowly, waiting for the sunset. In ancient times, here, fragrant flowers, numerous wooden jungle, a lake? Is worthy of the name "the Peach Garden" after the Ming Dynasty, Jiangnan four wit Tang Bohu in "the fool, riding in Phoenix, escape ningwang Zhu Chenhao usurped the rebellion" was named after the story, Phoenix ditch. It is also known as the beautiful garden, Chinese national top ten leisure farm, the leisure agriculture and rural tourism Five Star Park, the leisure agriculture and rural!相关的主题文章: