Mother to do so, postpartum will be more beautiful! Sohu –

Mother to do so, postpartum will be more beautiful! Sohu – mother every woman wants to make the most beautiful side to show everyone, but postpartum mothers who are often mentally and physically exhausted, attend to their own appearance and rapid aging. So what is the way to help mothers through postpartum care to restore the appearance of prenatal, postpartum recovery to prepare for it? So please look at the following beautiful eight steps: 1, quasi mother postpartum skin management — 2 weeks postpartum postpartum usually can obviously feel the skin becomes loose, this is because the maternal body for production so that in a very tired state. In this case, it is recommended to wash your face with a mild soap or warm water, and then apply moisturizing cream or with essential oils to achieve nutritional supplements. 1 weeks postpartum, gently massage is also a good way to facial skin, but it should be noted that finger strength, to avoid excessive pressure and excessive rubbing. Mask and natural cream and other basic skin management should be in stable condition after 2 weeks, 1~2 times a week. 2, weight loss – postpartum 6 weeks after the recovery of the body after the birth, the weight gain during pregnancy will naturally decline. At this point, it is recommended that mothers will focus from the weight of the number of changes to the weight loss after physical recovery. To lose weight in the front stop will cause the increase of lochia, postpartum wound deterioration, physical fatigue, recovery and prevent health. In particular, breastfeeding mothers, must not be on a diet to lose weight. 3, Manicure – 4 weeks postpartum after a lot of maternal bleeding symptoms due to production and had anemia in pregnancy. Once the iron deficiency occurs, it will result in nail breakage or loss of luster. Therefore, the best use of nail polish in the recovery of the body, the health of the mother is usually 4 weeks after birth, severe symptoms of anemia in pregnant women is best to use after a period of 3 months postpartum. 4, laser surgery – postpartum after 3 months due to pregnancy and production caused by hormonal changes, acne and stretch marks will also produce. Many pregnant women hope to solve these skin problems by laser surgery. However, this skin problems due to pregnancy with the gradual recovery of the body will be eased, so there is no need to undergo surgery immediately. It is better to be three months after the state of the body and the state of mind are stable. In addition, the abdomen or thigh liposuction in the production of the best 6 months after chest surgery at least 9 months before. 5, sports – postpartum 6 weeks after the birth of the body relaxed, abdomen easily lose elasticity. If you want to have a healthy exercise or aerobic exercise at the end of the joint, at least 3 months later. But swimming, jogging, and so on do not cause too much burden on the joint movement can be started in 6 weeks. Pregnant women can start from 6 weeks after the start of the exercise intensity is lighter, the number of repetitions of the movement began to do less, with the gradual recovery of the state of physical exercise. 6, bath – 6 weeks postpartum postpartum when necessary can be appropriate for simple shower bath, but must be carried out after the end of lochia. You make a bath before this, otherwise easy to cause.相关的主题文章: