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Nanchang ‘first experience of mobile check "inspection" to open the front door second child mothers to be seized when it comes to birth, the mother Ms. Yu is shaking his head straight, every family, bags, queue up, waiting to pay…… The whole process is done, hard work. Yesterday, the provincial MCH "inspection" for the first time officially put into use. Just 45 minutes, Ms. Yu’s entire production inspection process at home is easy to handle. It is reported that, "mobile inspection" project trial operation for a month, has signed with 35 pregnant women, completed 17 door-to-door inspection service, praised by the expectant mothers. 45 minutes the door easily fix check yesterday at 10 in the morning, the reporter saw "mobile car", from the Jiangxi Provincial Maternal and child health hospital set to provide on-site check show Honggutan waterway service. In the spacious and comfortable production inspection, medical staff has been pregnant more than women for more than eight months of blood, urine, and other three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination project, the entire production process took only 45 minutes. "It’s so convenient to have a pregnancy test at the door, so it takes less than an hour to do so many tests, and it took us half a day to do it every time."." Ms. Yu mother Aunt Li told reporters, before the examination in the hospital, unit difficult to leave, back and forth hospital running, queuing examination, usually spend half a day, even lunch is not good. Li aunt said, the last check in the hospital, I heard that the Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital launched a mobile inspection project, she did not hesitate to help her daughter scheduled, this trip to check down and found, really save time, worry, convenience and many. "Mobile inspection" save time and effort, the reporter learned that "mobile inspection" service is a new measure to improve the experience of public health care this year. Look, it’s just a little bus, but it’s all inside. The car is spacious and comfortable, not only equipped with color Doppler ultrasound, fetal heart monitoring, ECG and other production inspection equipment, as well as cold and warm air conditioning, drinking fountains, toilets and other facilities. According to the deputy director of Obstetrics, maternal and child health hospital nurse Xu Weiwei, pregnant women only need an appointment, confirm the time, route, obstetric doctors and the hospital, the doctor will b obstetrics nurse team to flow in the form of on-site service production inspection.

南昌准妈首次体验移动产检 “产检车”开到家门口 二胎准妈妈做产检   每当提起产检,准妈妈余女士都是直摇头,每次都要全家出动,大包小包,排队挂号,候诊缴费……整个流程做下来,辛苦不堪。昨日,省妇幼保健院的“产检车”首次正式投入使用。短短45分钟,余女士的整个产检过程在家门口就轻松搞定。据悉,“移动产检”项目试运行一个月以来,已与35位孕妇签约,完成17次上门产检服务,深受准妈妈们的好评。   45分钟 家门口轻松搞定产检   昨日上午10时,记者看到“移动产检车”,从江西省妇幼保健院出发来到红谷滩秀水路提供上门产检服务。在宽敞、舒适的产检车里,医护人员为已经怀孕八个多月的余女士进行了抽血、尿检、三维彩超等产检项目,整个产检过程仅用了45分钟。“能在家门口做孕检实在是太方便了,这么多检查项目才花了不到一个小时的时间,以往我们每次做检查都要花大半天的时间。”余女士母亲李阿姨告诉记者,之前在医院做检查,单位请假难、来回医院跑、排队候检通常要花费大半天的时间,连中午饭都吃不好。李阿姨说,上次在医院检查的时候,听说省妇幼保健院推出了移动产检项目,她毫不犹豫帮女儿预定了,这一趟检查下来发现,果然省时省心便利许多。   “移动产检”省时省力省心   记者了解到,“移动产检”服务是省妇幼保健院今年改善群众就医体验推出的一项新举措。别看只是一台小巴士,里面却是五脏俱全。车内宽敞舒适,不仅配备彩超、胎心监护、心电图等产检设备,还有冷暖空调、饮水机、卫生间等人性化设施。据省妇幼保健院产科副主任护师徐微微介绍,孕妇只需预约,确认时间、路线后,该院的产科医生、B超医生、产科护士就会组成团队,以流动产检车的形式进行上门服务。相关的主题文章: