National Day Golden Zhou Ying, slightly depressed — — dark horse at the box office for t-ddrtys

National Day Golden Zhou Ying, slightly depressed, dark horse at the box office after three days off the end of the golden week, the shadow is not predicted by the heat. Compared to the same period last year, this year, the national film box office fell significantly, the National Day box office fell more than 10%. This year the national archives is still small and medium-sized domestic film world, no similar "Hong Kong" 1 billion 400 million yuan embarrassed that impressive record, the average scores of the winners, "the Mekong" catch up from behind, more than 500 million cumulative box office, to become the biggest dark horse this year’s national Day Golden week. "The Mekong" stills "Mekong action action" stills "action" stills "the Mekong River Mekong River Mekong" action "stills action" stills "action" stills "the Mekong River Mekong River action" still decline significantly according to preliminary statistics, in October 1st the national day, the market return to the 200 million level, the total box office in mainland film market at 281 million yuan. "Passing from your world" to lead the 88 million 127 thousand and 600 yuan on the same day, the film released in 3 days, the cumulative box office 229 million yuan, this also means that the National Day day without a film at the box office of the day. Guo Jingming’s "grand track" and "super virtuous action" in the Mekong River, and 73 million 748 thousand and 500 per 5957.59 in the box office charts second, third. The field trips, "the whole world" 48 people still ranked first, "the Mekong" 46 people began to show the strength of "grand track" the fan effect is a downward trend. Compared to the same period in 2015, last October 1st the day at the box office 311 million yuan, "the Hong Kong Daily champion embarrassed" to close at 125 million yuan, the same day the runner up "nine layer" demon tower income up to 105 million yuan this year, the National Day box office decline trend is more obvious, fell more than 10%. Cinema analysts pointed out that from the figures, the total box office this year is not much lower than last year, but taking into account the number of screens this year is more than 3 thousand higher than last year, while the increase in the terminal base, but viewing trips down not up, which shows the real situation of the National Day stall ticket this year low. Why this year the shadow market average box office since summer started cold suffered at the box office? This year the National Archives throughout the movie, neither the much anticipated sequel, there is no point mapping in the early harvest, when super reputation show potential dark horse film, but after only a preview is good reputation of the "I am not Pan Jinlian" also changed the file. Together with the votes to fill the reduction, 9.9 yuan, $19.9 cheap movie tickets can not buy, viewing people naturally declined. In the absence of Pan Jinlian case, this year’s national day release is mostly small and medium cost domestic films, and showing a variety of trends. Love is "passing from your world", a "gangster movie Mekong action", the "trump card" funny comedy ace, documentary "the seasons on earth", "I am most cartoons, including us" Robinson Crusoe "" funny bird flying "Gaiden: Adorable treasure" armor warrior a "mad king" ugly duckling "and so on, but the box office is not very ideal. Compared with last year, this year the lack of "Hong Kong" embarrassed that can boost popularity of the super movie box office reputation, compared to the average. At the end of September 1.相关的主题文章: