Network seventeenth set Shelby true identity – Sohu announced the upcoming Entertainment 66814

"Network" seventeenth set Shelby true identity – Sohu announced the upcoming entertainment terrorists told Elexis the task has been completed   Sohu to find entertainment Simon Ryan, Elexis said in the investigation a CIA informant, and Ryan who placed the opportunity on the tracker. Ryan to Liam, want to find out Erica’s silk traced informant, Liam promised to get the CIA to arrange a private meeting, and seek to help Mr nell. Elexis on the body of the eavesdropping by Ryan Simon know all this, Simon immediately contact, two of the original plan as Nell and Mr Ryan, get in front of meet, and will give out the informant, terrorists. The results of the two found the informant was Will, Will had cracked the password all U.S. military, is a deadly threat to the country. Elexis back to the office, Ryan told Liam, she stole the CIA informant, Liam has said the CIA confirmed Ryan exposed the informant, let him to stop. Simon and others have found a terrorist plot, will take the initiative to request the help from Elexis himself over the internal probe, three people came to pay people place, the terrorists told Erica’s silk, her mission, but also to Simon, so Simon will together with the car, Elexis found that people who had access to Shelby.   相关的主题文章: